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10 Creative Ways to Install Inflatable Pools

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Whether you are at the beach, pool resort or backyard, swimming is a relaxing pastime. Most people don't have their own swimming pools. At this time, inflatable swimming pools can solve this problem. The advantage of an inflatable swimming pool is its portability. You can put it anywhere in your home, such as a balcony or bedroom. And compared to a regular swimming pool, the price of an inflatable swimming pool is quite affordable. The inflatable swimming pool is easy to use, especially suitable for outdoor use.

There are currently hundreds of inflatable pool designs to choose from. For example, some common items can be placed in the pool, such as inflatable pool floats, inflatable pool float tray, inflatable sofa for pool and inflatable toy boat. The fun of an inflatable swimming pool is not limited to children, adults can also experience the joy of it. For example, when your child is playing in the swimming pool, you can lie comfortably on the inflatable sofa cushions or inflatable sofa lounger.


Several Creative Ways to Install Inflatable Pools


1. Build a water park swimming pool.


It is recommended to buy some inflatable playground equipment, such as inflatable tube slide for pool and inflatable toy boat with motor, these equipment can allow you to place the pool under or in the middle of the swing in the backyard. Some parents even fill the pool with a bunch of inflatable donut pool floats. Make sure you and your child follow the relevant rules when swimming. Please also remember that there must be an adult to take care of the child.


2. Relax in the pool spa.


The inflatable spa pool has a built-in jet hydraulic pump or massage pump, which can provide a luxurious and comfortable experience for everyone. In fact, some children prefer to sit by the spa/pool instead of swimming.


3. Create an inflatable beach.


You spread the sand evenly and build a swimming pool on the sand and grass. In addition to swimming, children can actually build sand castles or sand sheds. This idea will save a lot of money.


4. Set in the middle of the woods.


In order to keep children active and excited, some families carry a portable inflatable swimming pool with them during camping trips. The wonderful combination of nature and swimming pool can make you very happy.


17-2 inflatable pool float

5. Hold a theme pool party.


The idea of hosting a pool party never goes out of style. You can prepare your favorite cartoon character costumes or inflatable toy figures for your children.


6. Build a pumped above-ground swimming pool.


Most inflatable swimming pools are round or rectangular. In addition, it can also look like a pirate ship or other animal shapes. The inflatable pool is set above the ground level to do many interesting things. The larger area of the above-ground swimming pool provides more space for swimmers.


7. Swim in the illuminated swimming pool at night.


Inflatable pool parties are also common at night. For fun, buy some shiny balls. If you want more shades, you can buy a solar inflatable lantern with color changing function.


8. Add some colors to the inflatable pool.


The combination of an inflatable swimming pool and watercolor painting can help you get the most out of your creativity. You can put out a bunch of canvases and let the children unleash their creativity. Just make sure to buy non-toxic coloring materials to ensure everyone's safety.


9. Go snorkeling in shallow water.


Buy a bunch of water-related toys, such as dolphins, turtles, corals, etc. Put everything in the inflatable swimming pool and teach your child to dive. Two or three feet high swimming pool is not too risky. You can simply swim underwater and enjoy temporary underwater time.


10. Put all these ideas together.


If you can use all the content, a single creativity may not make you completely satisfied.


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