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3 Ways to Keep Children Safe Around Water

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Tragic accidents happen all the time, and while it may be impossible to protect you or your family from ever having an accident, there are things you can do to reduce your risk.


Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children ages 1 through 4, and 88 percent of those deaths happen while at least one adult is present. Whether it's summer, you live in a warm-weather climate all year (lucky!), or you simply have a bathtub your kids love to play in, home water safety is of the utmost importance. And fencing in your pool isn't as far as it goes - the elements of water safety should be an ongoing conversation you have with your kiddos year-round.



1. Supervise Children in and Around Water

According to Jenny, a mom of four and the cofounder of Goldfish Swim School, children should always be in sight around water, as drowning can happen in just a few inches of water in a matter of seconds. Her number one tip for parents and other adults who have kids near, in, or around water is to have an appointed "water guardian," which is essentially an at-home lifeguard. This especially helps to eliminate a scenario that can occur when there's more than one adult present around swimming kids, the belief that because other adults and parents are present, someone must have their eye on the kids even if you don't.


Learn how to use rescue equipment to respond to children in distress and ensure children are taught the same skills.

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2. Create Safety Barriers Between Water Hazards and Your Child

Stick to the fence on all sides around the backyard swimming pool-don't use the house as one of the obstacles, because children can enter the swimming pool from the house.


1) Invest in doors with automatic closing and self-locking functions and check them regularly to ensure they are working properly.

2) Make sure that your fence is not easy to climb, and move objects that may be used as temporary ladders (lawn chairs, etc.) away from the fence.

3) Keep a clean pool deck to reduce the temptation to play near the pool.

4) Tell your child that you always enter the water first, then the child.

5) The safety of open water is different from the safety around the swimming pool, know each risk.

6) Children who cannot demonstrate safety skills (for example, jumping into the pool and swimming to the edge of the pool and then returning to the surface on their own, and leaving the pool on their own) are required to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) or life jacket.



3. Make Sure You Have All of the Appropriate Water Gear

Jenny suggests having other essential gear like life jackets for young kids who are still learning to swim on their own.


"Life preservers should always be out and accessible when people are in the water. Because of their disk-like shape, they're great for tossing into the water to help a child if they've gone too deep or if they've fallen in," Jenny said. "US Coast Guard-approved life jackets are also great but shouldn't be worn in a pool if a child has taken swim lessons and is able to safely practice at home - practice helps with confidence and strengthens water-safety skills. However, life jackets should be used in unpredictable waters, like when in a lake, wave pool, or on a boat - by children and adults!"


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Jenny noted it's important to adults that keep in mind that flotation devices aren't proper substitutes for a lifeguard or water guardian, especially when it comes to children who aren't confident enough to swim on their own.


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