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4 Sport Inflatable Games for Your Event

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Sports activities are beneficial and essential for children and young people, which is why the school includes sports in the weekly curriculum. But, not for entertainment or physical reasons, no one likes sports. Some people just don't like to run around and play football. In this situation, you might wonder if people have a way to enjoy sports without worrying about competition and safety. The sport inflatable game is exactly what you need here! Both children and adults can play interactive sports games safely. They are a great addition to any gathering and event. This article mainly introduces 4 sport inflatable games for your event.



1. Inflatable Dart Board

Many people like to play darts quickly with friends in the bar. Have you ever played a giant inflatable dart board that is 20 times the normal size? You can hit the inflatable target with the small pointed dart you usually have at hand. This huge board is used to play football and practice aiming techniques on foot. All you need is to play football, about 5 or 10 meters from the board, and score. The ball will be glued to the huge Velcro board. This large-scale dart game can be set indoors or outdoors, suitable for schools and families.



2. Inflatable Basketball Court

Basketball is actually a high-risk sport. Many children are afraid of trying to slam dunk on a small trampoline on the basketball court. However, with this huge inflatable basketball court, you can practice dunking and also try other dangerous jump shots without worrying about landing on a hard floor and getting injured. The soft and flexible basketball court will provide you with confidence and protection for you to try. Children can play some small basketball games or just run and jump for health benefits.



3. Inflatable Boxing Ring

Boxing is another interesting but dangerous sport, and not everyone can bear the pain of boxing. However, with this inflatable boxing ring and giant boxing gloves, everyone can become a boxer. Inflatable boxing rings and soft gloves can ensure your safety, while huge gloves may make your body unbalanced, so boxing games may be very interesting. Even children can enjoy physical exercise and laugh until their lungs are sore.



4. Inflatable Bungee Jumping

You can enjoy both of bungee jumping and gladiator racing safely with the inflatable bungee jumping game. This is a combination of bungee jumping and gladiator fighting. The two participants will be bound in safety belts connected to elastic cords and hold a cork stick. You must use your core strength to fight the elastic rope and defeat your friends with a stick to win. This sport can be very difficult, but it is a cool way to encourage children to participate in health competitions.


If your child is younger and cannot participate in these sports inflatable games, you can also choose some inflatable toys that suit them, such as inflatable yard slides, inflatable toy train, inflatable jumping toys, inflatable toy houses, etc.


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