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5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome the Fear of Water

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Many parents look forward to the time when they can share their favorite water activities with their kids. There’s something magical about those summertime pleasures – the beach, pool, or splash park. If your child is fearful of the water, it may put a damper on your ability to share these fun experiences.


You may be wondering what can you do to help your child overcome this fear? There are lots of ways you can help your child get more comfortable in the water.


If you’re searching for some ideas to help you encourage and support your child around water, here are our top tips to help children overcome a water fear.


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1. Scale It Down

A great tip to help lessen a child's fear of the water is to scale down the size of the water body they're facing. A lake, swimming pool, or other large body of water may be intimidating to a child who confronts it for the first time and is expected to go in. Help your child by choosing a more manageable area for them, for example, a smaller, more secluded beach area with shallow water. They won't feel as burdened, and you can gently introduce them to the water.



2. Try Private Swimming Lessons

When deciding what type of swimming lessons to enrol in for a child who's afraid of the water, parents may want to opt for private lessons. In a public swimming class, children will likely be in a larger group and may not get the extra attention they need to feel comfortable and confident in the water. In private swimming lessons, your child will get one-on-one attention, and the instructor will go at your child's pace, not the pace of the class.



3. Use Floating Products

Water wings, kick boards, inflatable inner tubes, life jackets, inflatable toys, inflatable pool floats, inflatable toy water slide, etc, there are numerous floating products that may make your child feel more comfortable in the water. You can even offer yourself as a stable safety object.


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4. Apply Some Gentle Peer Pressure

A way that could coax a child into being a little more adventurous is to expose them to people who love swimming and having fun in the water. This will show them that water can be a comfortable and fun place to be. Maybe your child has some older cousins they look up to who love to swim. Set up a time to get together at the local pool, where your child can observe them having fun in the water. Maybe it will encourage your little child to get in there, too.



5. Be Their Cheerleader

It's up to parents to be their child's biggest cheerleader. If a kid is feeling a lot of anxiety and fear about water, they will naturally be looking to their parents to provide comfort and reassurance. Listen to your child when they express fear, and take it seriously. Provide reassurance that he/she is safe, and that you are there to help. Praise your child with every new milestone, and express confidence that they will succeed.


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