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6 Things Every Pool Owner Should Know

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For some people, life doesn’t get better than a house with a pool — lounging around in the summertime, soaking up the sunshine, and splashing around with the kids in their own private oasis. But if you’re thinking of getting a pool, you should know that it’s not all fun and games. This article mainly introduces 6 things every pool owner should know.


One thing we would suggest to every new pool owner is to get familiar with pool basics. This doesn’t mean you have to fix or even maintain your own pool, there are plenty of pros out there who can take care of that for you. But trust us, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to swimming pools. We field thousands of calls from frustrated pool owners every year and in many cases, just a better understanding of pools and pool equipment would alleviate much of their stress.



1. Supervision

Ensure that swimmers are always supervised by adults! If you must leave, or even answer the phone or grab a glass of water, please bring your child. After playing in the swimming pool, please remove all swimming pool toys (such as inflatable glitter pool floats, inflatable pool float bed, inflatable toy fish, inflatable island toy, etc)to eliminate the temptation to play in the water.


Take swimming lessons with your children. As a parent, you can make your swimming pool a safer area by taking Red Cross swimming courses, Red Cross first aid courses and letting weak or non-swimming people wear personal flotation devices (PFD). You can also encourage young people to participate in the Red Cross lifeguard course!



2. Pool Rules

Establishing swimming pool rules and setting expectations can ensure that your children have fun while staying safe. Such rules could include swimming with a partner, or not allowing glass containers near the swimming pool. Each pool owner should refer to their municipal regulations to understand fence requirements to ensure that local requirements are met. We recommend that the swimming pool in the backyard be properly fenced, with doors that automatically close and latch, and provide internal latches where children cannot reach.



3. Ladder

When not in use, ladders or steps should be removed for the above-ground swimming pool. When not in use, the ground portable pool or children's pool should be emptied.


 35-2-inflatable water rifle

4. Action Plan

Develop an action plan that includes adult supervision, emergency signals, safety diagrams and emergency procedures for active supervision of equipment. By participating in first aid courses, learn how to conduct a safe rescue and what to do in an emergency.



5. Sunlight

Avoid night and stormy conditions-always swim when it is bright and sunny! Even if it is cloudy, be sure to wear sunscreen with at least SPF 15.



6. Heels-first

Judging the depth of the pool can be tricky, but in general, most backyard pools are not suitable for diving-always get in the water first.


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