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Are there signs of drowning? How to tell that someone is drowning?

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Are there signs of drowning? How to tell that someone is drowning?

Many people might think that drowning is often to be splashy and loud, with arms brandishing and screaming for help. But you are wrong. Yes, you hear me right, you are absolutely wrong! The reality is that someone might be drowning a feet away from you and you might not know it as drowning, more often than not, is silent.


When people are drowning, they will use all their energy to breathe and stay above the water, so they are not yelling for help or brandishing they hands around.  


On average, 50 people drown during the summer each year and the fatality of 1 to 4 year old is as high as 52%,and most of the tragedy occurred when children were alone (without the supervision of their caregiver), which makes active supervision extremely important. Over 90% of children who drown in shallow water are either not with an adult or not being monitored effectively by an adult.


Caretakers should always arrange a person, a friend or a family, both will do, to take care of children when they are away for something emergent. And the person who is responsible for that should stay with children all the time and never take their eye off the children, even for one second.


Children who are not able to lift their face out of the water can drown in just a few seconds, and many kids who drown never wanted to be in the water in the first place. Dont think only child could drown, public with limited or no swimming ability might disappear underwater in less than a few seconds without even being noticed by others. And those who are adept in swimming could also drown in face of cramps and raging current.


6 warning sighs that someone might be drowning

1. Struggling to keep their face above the water in a clear effort of trying to breathe-head is in the water, tilted back and mouth at the water level.

When someone is drowning, the most likely is that they will struggle to keep their mouth and nose above the water to maintain enough air in the lungs to stay afloat.

2. Arms extended to the side pressing down for support.

3. Kick randomly with legs and splash a lot of water. You can hear the sound of gobbling water.

4. With blank eyes, big with fear.

5. Unable to respond to questions such as are you OK

6. Silence.


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