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Can Lawn Inflatable Decorations Be used In the Rain?

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When you want to give a speech on holidays or any festival or event, nothing can attract the attention of passersby better than inflatable decorations. These cheerful plastic inflatable characters driven by fans come in various shapes, styles, sizes and colors. But for all of them, one thing is certain: these decorations are made to resist rain.


A customer once told us that they put down the inflatable decorations in the yard when it rained, and they were finally covered by mud. They had to clean the inflatable toys by hand, so they asked for advice on handling the inflatable equipment in rainy days. Most inflatable decorations are listed for outdoor use, so they should be able to cope with rain, which is why some experienced users keep the inflatable equipment in the yard running 24/7 without outgassing throughout the month. Inflating the inflatable device when it rains will cause water to run away instead of standing water, and the internal air pressure can also prevent water from penetrating into the fabric. However, one thing to keep in mind is that don't forget to cover the inflatable blower with a blanket to prevent it from blowing water into the inflatables and causing mildew in the future.


Many of the inflatable decorations available today are large in size-from 3 feet to nearly 20 feet in height-and it is clear that these products are suitable for outdoor use. These decorations are designed with weather resistance to prevent rain and snow, because they are made of nylon and other synthetic materials, even the internal fan is equipped with weather resistant parts. Inflatable decoration manufacturers pointed out that it is completely acceptable to operate these products in light rain or snow, and has no effect on the operation of the equipment. However, for best performance, keep these products away from low-lying areas with constant rain. 


In order to prolong the service life of the creative inflatable decoration, please carry out special treatment in bad weather.


 56-1-inflatable decorations


In the event of a storm or strong wind, your inflatable decoration may be submerged, and may not work properly. Storing inflatable toy decorations inside during storms provides the best protection to avoid serious damage. If the decoration stays outside and stops working in bad weather, just move the inflatable decoration to a place where it can be completely drained. Insert the device so that the internal fan helps to further dry the material.




Although some manufacturers recommend not to leave these decorations outside when the temperature is significantly below freezing (not exceeding -14 degrees Fahrenheit), these decorations can withstand light snow. The manufacturer also does not recommend that these decorations be kept inflated outdoors in heavy snow. If the device is deflated because it was left outside in a winter storm, let the device melt completely before refilling it.


To give your custom inflatable decorations a long life, you should dry them completely before off season storage. This prevents mildew growth on the material and keeps it fresh for next festival's use. If you still don't have any great and appealing inflatable yard decoration for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas, please contact us to get an ideal solution about these high quality customized holiday inflatables, we are a factory specializing in producing garden inflatable toys, we can tailor the outdoor inflatable toys for you.


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