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Common Problems of Inflatable Pools

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When swimming in summer, many children will use inflatable products to assist swimming, such as inflatable pool ring floats, inflatable pool float raft and inflatable pool float tray. For existing inflatable products, in actual use, they generally have the defects of relatively single function and poor interest.


Why You Should Clean The Swimming Pool Regularly?


Most children’s pools do not have filters or circulation systems, which means that debris, bacteria and algae are very likely to enter the pool. Cleaning small swimming pools is much easier than cleaning large swimming pools, but some maintenance work still needs to be done to ensure that the children stay healthy.


Inflatable swimming pools and inflatable hot tubs are filled with hot steam when in use, which is easy to atomize and liquefy, resulting in hypoxia and humidity, and it is easy to mold if it is not cleaned frequently. The stability will be poor if the inflation time is long, and there will be air leakage if you fold it too many times. The inflatable swimming pool is generally made of PVC, without any interlayer, and the material is very thin. Inflatable baby swimming pools are relatively prone to leaks.


Can Bleach Be Used in Children's Pools?

Bleach can be used to help keep children’s pools clean. Use 1/8 cup per 100 gallons in the children’s pool. For the inflatable sofa for pool and inflatable sofa mattress, if they are accidentally contaminated with dirt, they can be cleaned with soap and water. Do not use strong acid or alkaline cleaning agents to avoid damage to the mattress on the air mattress. If you don’t want to use chemicals to keep your swimming pool clean, using distilled white vinegar instead of chlorine is another option.


How to Get Rid of Algae in The Children's Pool?


There are several ways to try to use chemicals to remove algae in the swimming pool. Chlorine tablets are one of the most effective ways. But it is recommended that you drain and clean the pool, which is easier than the use of chemicals.


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How Long Can You Keep Water in The Children's Pool?


If you use the recommendations in the guide, use chlorine floats and keep the pool free of debris, then changing the water every 3-4 weeks will do. Otherwise, you need to clean the pool four times a week.


What Are The Disadvantages of Inflatable Swimming Pools?


It is not convenient to use. The foot-operated inflator used in the inflatable swimming pool is slow in inflating. Generally, it takes about 30-40 minutes for a swimming pool to fill up. So it is best to buy an electric inflatable tube air pump.


Quality is difficult to guarantee. The inflatable swimming pool is made of ordinary PVC, without any interlayer, and the material is very thin. If it is pierced a little bit, it is particularly prone to air leakage and damage. And if the number of folds increases, there will also be air leakage.


It is relatively large and takes up space. Because there is a relatively wide inflatable bag, the swimming pool looks very large, but the real space for the baby to swim is relatively small. Not to mention putting inflatable toy water slide, inflatable lifebuoy toy, and large inflatable pool floats  in it.



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