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Daily Maintenance Guide for Water Park Equipment

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The water park is a good place for people to cool off in summer. You can feel cool in the water and play with friends. So do you know the development trend of the water park equipment market in recent years? How to carry out daily maintenance of water park equipment?



Daily Maintenance of Water Park Equipment

1. Planning and Control

For the efficient and orderly "curtain call" of your entire park, and for the safe and error-free disassembly of the products, the overall planning and design of the park and the disassembly steps must be arranged!


2. Step by Step Operation

Turn off the power, clean the product, drain, disassemble the product, dispose of the product, pack the product, etc, the responsibility of all these operations should be to the certain person, otherwise it is likely to be messy in the later operation.


3. Product Disassembly

All products should be lifted mainly when disassembling and moving, so as to avoid being forced to affect the service life.


Inflatable products (such as inflatable yacht toys, inflatable toy whale, inflatable toy water slide, inflatable toys jet ski, etc.)must be operated in accordance with the instruction manual after the power is off to prevent all hidden dangers.


Bracket pool products should be operated step by step according to operating manual, and each component should be classified and stored for correct installation and operation in the coming year.


28-3-inflatable pool floats

4. Product Handling

Most of the water park products are made of PVC, so after the product is disassembled, it must be cleaned, dried, and evenly sprinkled with talcum powder. The sun-drying process can prevent mildew and odor, while talc can prevent adhesion and moisture.


5. Product Storage

All products that have been disassembled and processed should be moisture-proof and rodent-proof. It is recommended to lay wooden boards under the products.



The Development Trend of Water Park Equipment

The mobile water park is a super popular project in the hot summer. In the middle of summer, almost every park site will be overcrowded, so that every investor can make a lot of money! However, with the increasing number of competitors, it is particularly important to update the equipment of mobile water parks to ensure the safety of equipment, the freshness of the tourist experience and increase the rate of tourists' revisiting.


From a safety point of view, all mobile water park equipment has a certain service life and will continue to wear out during use, and those equipment that has reached the service life or with more serious wear will have greater safety risks. As a place where people play, it is very important to provide a safe play environment for tourists. Therefore, mobile water park equipment needs to be updated regularly based on actual usage.


From the perspective of tourist experience, people will be full of interest and passion for those fresh and fun things. Therefore, in order to gather more popularity and create a new and interesting amusement experience for people, the update of mobile water park equipment is essential.


From a marketing perspective, the update of mobile water park equipment provides a hot spot for the marketing of mobile water parks, which is conducive to marketing innovation. Operators can use the new equipment as an opportunity to carry out a variety of theme marketing activities, which will be more conducive to stimulating the freshness and vitality of the water park, thereby satisfying the tourists' curiosity and further enhancing the attraction of the park!


Therefore, if the mobile water park wants to be invincible in the current fierce competition, the update of the equipment is also crucial!


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