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Electric Pump vs Manual Pump for Inflatable Boat

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Most inflatable boats, SUPs, and inflatable kayaks include a pump in their packaging upon purchase. But let's face it. Yes, they can get the job done, but most of these pumps do not work well when inflating inflatable devices. Therefore, if you plan to upgrade your pump to a higher performance pump, there is nothing more. This article mainly introduces electric pumps and manual pumps for your treasured inflatable boat.


As you may already know, there are two types of pumps that can be used to pump air into the inflatable boats.

Electric pump

Manual pump

Both types of pumps have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, in order for you to understand their functions and uses, let us discuss each type further.



1. Electric Pump

The electric pump reduces the inconvenience and pressure of inflating boats, SUP and kayaks. They are relatively easy to use: plug it in, open and watch, because it can easily inflate the boat. Electric pumps can save your energy and time and blow up your inflatable products. However, there are disadvantages to using this efficient gadget.


Firstly, the electric pump will require power. Most of them need a wall outlet, but some can be powered by a cigarette lighter or even a car battery. Some of them are even equipped with rechargeable batteries. In this case, there is no guarantee that the electric pump will always have available power.


Secondly, cheaper electric pumps cannot inflate inflatable boats and kayaks to 100% of their capacity. This is due to the lack of required pressure power. You may find yourself eventually having to fill the chamber with air from the manual pump.


Thirdly, electric pumps are easy to over-inflate. Unlike inflatable boats and kayaks, inflatable stand-up paddles have very small air chambers, so electric pumps are very easy to pump air into the SUP board and over-inflate it. You must observe and handle it very carefully to avoid the risk of excessive inflation.


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2. Manual Pump

Manual pumps are further divided into two categories:

Foot Pump

Hand Pump


A foot pump, as the name suggests, has to be pumped with your foot. This kind of manual pump is what usually comes with your purchased inflatable boat. You can buy foot pumps at any retailer basically.


At the same time, a hand pump requires you to pump with your arm. For many manual pump users, hand pumps are the preferred tool over foot pumps. This is because the foot pump may produce a limited air output, so it usually takes more time to inflate.


Manual pumps have many advantages over electric pumps:

1) Generally, they are much cheaper than electric pumps.

2)You don't need to worry about power sources, because they rely solely on mechanical energy, or simply your energy. However, this may also be a disadvantage: the manual pump is easy to use, but it is tiring and laborious to use. Especially if you have to pump air into large inflatable equipment such as inflatable kayaks and boats.

3) They are very reliable.

4) A separate manual pump can inflate your favourable inflatable boat to the proper pressure required.

5) They do need more time to pump air into your SIB, but they can do the job efficiently.






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