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Electric Shock Drowning: What is It and How to Prevent It

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The reports about the deaths of victims who were drowned by electric shocks are really tragic. It is a sad reminder that the same hidden dangers of electric shock that exist with our swimming pools, saunas or hot tubs, can also be present in our lakes and other large bodies of water.


This is a danger that most people are completely unaware of. They understand the danger of drowning in the above situations because water and electricity are so intertwined given the use of water pumps, water lights, water jets and water heaters. This article mainly discusses what electric shock drowning is and tips for preventing this tragedy.



1. What is Electric Shock Drowning?

Generally, when the wrong wiring injects current into the water, the water is charged, and a person such as a swimmer is exposed to the charged water, electric shock drowning occurs.


The person becomes a conductor of electricity as it passes through the person’s body. This may cause the person's muscles to paralyze, which prevents the person from swimming, eventually leading to drowning.


This is especially true for live ships and docks, because incorrect wiring or the use of damaged wires and other equipment on the ship or dock can cause the surrounding water to become energized.


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2. How to Prevent Electric Shock Drowning?

Experts agree that being aware of the danger is the first step. They provide the following preventive measures:


1) Do not swim near the pier. Keep at least 50 yards (half a football field) away. Burke warned swimmers to stay 100 yards away from the pier.


2) If someone in the water seems to be shocked, don't try to jump in and save them-you may also be shocked. Instead, turn off the power, ask for help, pour the preservative into the water, and warn others in the area to leave.


3) Check your home swimming pool, whirlpool, boat and dock every year. The Electric Drowning Prevention Association says these must be properly connected to ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). The devices turn off the power when electricity escapes into places where it can be dangerous.


4) Make sure your electrician is certified. Burke recommends hiring someone who is certified by the U.S. Boat and Yachting Council. Examine your equipment between inspections, and call an electrician if you see damaged wiring, he says.


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5) Burke said that boaters who rent a slip should ensure that marina manager or owner schedules for a licensed electrician to arrange annual inspections to ensure the safety of the dock' power system. He said: "You can also ask an electrician to inspect your ship every year."


6) If you are swimming in a nearby pool or community pool, please contact a homeowner’s association representative or pool administrator to ensure they conduct regular inspections.


7) Burke said that any missing or loose caulking must be reported and corrected. "The loose or missing gaps can cause water to flow behind the walls of swimming pools, hot tubs or jacuzzis, thus increasing the possibility of contact with live electrical components. This also indicates that regular maintenance is not being performed."


8) If you are in the water and feel tingling, try to stay away from anything that might be full of energy.


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