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Fun with Floaties: Water Toy Safety

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Inflatable toys refer to toys that use the tensile force of a film material and the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the film to form a shape. Inflatable water toys are potentially dangerous for babies.


Parents Should Check First when Bring Inflatable Water Toys with Their Babies.

Whether the thickness of the soft plastic meets the standard requirements. The maximum length of modern inflatable water toys should not be greater than 760 cm, and the thickness of the plastic film should not be less than 0.25 cm. The maximum length should be greater than 760 cm, and the thickness of the plastic film should not be less than 0.30 cm. Those below the standard are easy to break.


Whether the structure is qualified. The funny inflatable water toy that the baby's feet can be inserted into should have a structure that is not easy to subvert, that is, the ratio of the front to the rear is 55:45.


Is the number of air chambers sufficient? When the maximum length of good water inflatable toys is greater than 670mm, there should be 2 or more independent air chambers.


Whether the connection strength of the gas nozzle and the gas plug is qualified. Some babies have the habit of using their teeth to bite the air plug and then pull it apart. Once it is broken, the air plug may enter the trachea, causing the risk of suffocation.


46-1-inflatable water toys

When the baby is playing with any kind of cute inflatable toys, parents should be aside to ensure safety.


It's the end of the year again. During the Spring Festival, when friends and relatives gather, it is indispensable for the baby to receive toy presents. But what kind of toys are better and how to buy inflatable animal toys? Here are some tips for your reference.


When purchasing toys for their children, parents must first consider making them happy and safe as the most important factors. Don’t just ask about the price and do not care about the quality and safety of toys, and resolutely refuse to spend money to bring danger to the baby.


46-2-modern inflatable water toys

Secondly, don't trust the one-sided publicity of advertisements or salespersons, so as not to mislead children. Before buying kids inflatable toys, check whether the toys meet relevant national regulations and requirements, and look for the children inflatable toy safety mark-the "green bud" certification mark.


Again, pay attention to whether the manufacturer's name, address, telephone number, and after-sales service guarantee content are complete and standardized, otherwise it is best not to buy. It is recommended that when purchasing children’s toys, it is best to go to a more well-known and honest shopping mall, supermarket, etc., and properly keep the purchase certificate.


Then, after buying the inflatable toy for baby, you must read the instructions clearly and teach the baby to play according to the instructions, not to let the baby make jokes, but also to let the baby grow up intellectually.


Finally, the toys that are bought back must also be cleaned and disinfected frequently to prevent the baby from having trouble playing with it.

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