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How Long Can You Leave Water In A Kiddie Pool?

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Inflatable kiddie pools can bring hours of delight to young children on a hot summer day. But unlike larger pools, small plastic inflatable kiddie pools are normally not equipped with water filters or treated with chemicals that remove germs and balance pH. In addition, with the fact that hygiene is not a strong suit of the inflatable kiddie pool set, parents aren't sure how often the water needs to be changed.


With some chemicals you can keep your mini inflatable kiddie pool water for much longer. If your children use the pool on a daily basis, empty the water every month. If your children use the pool infrequently, wait a month and a half to two months before changing the water. To keep your kiddie pool safe you must add three quarters of a cup of borax to the water. This is a one-time process, on a daily basis thereafter, add two tbsp of dichlor powder. Also twice per week you need to add two and a half tbsp of a poly algaecide. Do this even on the days your children are not swimming in the funny inflatable kiddie pool.


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If you choose not to use chemicals in the kiddie pool, the water must be drained after the children are done using it. This should occur within 24 hours. That means the parents must go through the hassle of filling the pool with fresh water each day. This is not a good use of water. The reason why that the water must be drained daily is that algae and bacteria are quick to grow in stagnant water. This poses a health risk to your child.


Here are a few helpful tips are in order for safe fun in the kiddie pool.


1. Rinse Their Feet First

The CDC warns parents that kiddie pools can carry lots of yucky germs - some can really make kids sick! Give your little ones a shower or bath before they swim. Don’t despair: a simple rinse of their dirty feet before they hop in can keep grass clippings, leaves, and twigs out of the pool.



2. Cover Your Kiddie Pool With A Fitted Sheet

This DIY life hack will save you so many headaches! At the end of every day, cover your pool with a fitted sheet. It’s a simple trick to keep leaves and bugs from making their way into your pool water. The only downside? Rain can still fill up your kiddie pool! If you’d prefer a waterproof cover, consider investing in one designed to fit your pool. Or, DIY a cover from tarps and tent stakes! Just be sure to remove the stakes from the ground before playtime so your toddlers don’t trip.


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3. Sick Children Should Not Be in the Pool with Other Children.

A child who is experiencing diarrhea or vomiting must not be allowed in the pool with other children. If a child becomes sick in the kiddie pool, a quick exit of everyone from the pool is in order. The pool must be emptied of water, cleaned and disinfected before being used again.



4. Add A Bit Of Bleach

Yes, you read that correctly! Bleach keeps your pool from growing bacteria or algae and it’s perfectly safe to use when properly diluted. Use two tablespoons of bleach per hundred gallons of water. Add the amount you need for your pool to two gallons of water, mix together, and then add to the pool water. You can even use your bare hands to stir the water!


In addition to the above precautions, in order to make children play more happily, you can prepare some inflatable pool floats, such as inflatable ocean toys, inflatable animal toys, etc.


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