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How Much Do You Know about Inflatable Pools?

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Inflatable pool is a toy that can act as a bathhouse or a swimming pool. Inflatable pool is light and easy to carry, so it can be used in many occasions, such as small parks, roadsides, homes, etc. Inflatable pools generally include inflatable pool floats for toddlers, inflatable pool float beds and inflatable pool float loungers.


The operation of the inflatable pool is also very easy. Just fill the inflatable pool with gas, and then pour a certain amount of water into the inflatable pool. Its purpose is to provide a safe, funny and cooling toy for children and adults..


The inflatable pool float for baby can escort children happily playing in the pool. Put some small fish and inflatable pool animal floats in the inflatable pool and let the children catch them in the inflatable pool. This not only develops children's personality, but also improves their own abilities, and adds a lot of fun in life to children.


The inflatable pool can also accommodate water walking balls, inflatable crocodile sprinkler, inflatable pool life raft or children's hand boats and other equipment.


9-2 blow up bed

The Main Material of The Inflatable Pool


The main material of the inflatable pool is meshed PVC cloth, with the thickness generally 0.9mm, and the size can be made custom. Generally, the shape of the pool is rectangular, but other irregular shapes are also available on the market, such as round and diamond.


The material used to produce inflatable products is non-toxic, colorless, and tasteless. Besides, it is absolutely environmentally friendly material that meets European and American standards. This material is non-irritating to the skin and non-toxic and does not harm children. This material is a professional inflatable cloth with good cold resistance, which can withstand a low temperature of minus 40 degrees. It is also flame retardant.


Related accessories for inflatable pools include inflatable tube blower fan, glue and repair materials.


How to Use Inflatable Pool?


Find an open and level ground, and remove sharp objects such as broken glass, small stones, etc. Spread out the pool and arrange it smoothly, and use an inflatable tube pump to inflate the pool according to the inflation instructions.


The aeration force is moderate and should not be filled to full to effectively avoid explosion caused by overfilling and ensure that the product is used in the best pressure state.


When there is a big temperature difference between morning (evening) and noon, attention should be paid to timely venting or supplementing air to avoid damage to the product due to excessive air pressure.


Pay attention to the height of the water to the pool. The water level should not exceed 2/3 of the height of the pool. If the water level is too high, the pool will deform and rupture.


The inflatable pool needs to be used with an inflatable pump. The inflatable tube air pump is specially used to inflate the inflatable pool. In the market, there are two types of air pumps, one is a hand-held air pump, and the other is an electric air pump, you can choose the one that suits you better. Wonderful is specialized in producing inflatable products, if you are interested, feel free to contact us.





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