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How Should We Deal With Air Leakage in The Inflatable Pool?

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Any inflatable product will inevitably leak. Inflatable swimming pools, inflatable sprinkler pool and inflatable pool float bed are no exception. So what should we do when the inflatable swimming pool is leaking?


Generally speaking, PVC special super glue can can repair blowup products includes inflatable sofa for pool, inflatable pool float for baby, inflatable boat, inflatable pool, baby swimming pool, swimming ring, inflatable pool float lounger and inflatable toys.


Preparation of Making Inflatable Pools

Spread the inflatable children’s pool flat on the ground clear of debris.

Twist the inlet valve to inflate the inflatable children's swimming pool slightly. Tighten the gas nozzle, fold the two sides in half, and press a few times with moderate force. Unscrew the inflatable valve to inflate the inflatable children's pool again, and the inflatable children's pool will return to its natural state.


Inflation Method of Inflatable Swimming Pool


It is recommended to use an electric pump to inflate the inflatable swimming pool. The overall inflation time only takes 3-5 minutes, which saves time and effort. After use, it can also be used to exhaust the inflatable swimming pool.


Lay the inflatable swimming pool flat, unscrew the intake valve, aim the electric air pump at the intake valve, start the inflatable equipment, and the inflatable swimming pool will begin to expand. After the inflation is complete, turn and tighten the inflation valve.


Exhaust Method of Inflatable Swimming Pool


Open the air valve, when the other end of the air valve is rolled up, and air will be discharged by lightly pressing.


Close the air valve, roll up the inflatable swimming pool at the other end, and open the air valve again to expel the remaining air.


After exhausting, close the inflation valve, fold up the inflatable swimming pool, and put it in an outer bag for storage. Store it in a cool and dry place.


17-1 pool float

Repair A Leaking Inflatable Pool


Inflate the air first, and then apply soap and water to leaking parts. If there is a leak, there will be a lot of bubbles coming up immediately, and then we can quickly identify the leaking pores.


After finding the air leak, take out the strong all-purpose glue commonly used in our home, find a small piece of rubber and stick it on with strong glue.


Specific steps are as follows:


Drain the remaining water in the pool or inflatable hot tub for sale, open the air valve to release the gas in the edge air chamber, so that you can clean the pool later.


Cut out a patch. It is best to be 3 times the size of the damaged area, and it is recommended to trim it into a circle.


Do primer treatment. Clean up the repaired area and patch, and evenly apply special glue, use a hair dryer or air dry until it does not stick to your hands.


Do glue treatment. Apply glue again to the area where you just applied the glue, and do the same treatment until it doesn't stick to your hands.


Align the patch to the repaired area, slowly fit the patch, and flatten it. It should be noted that air bubbles should be avoided when pasting, otherwise the pasting will not be firm.


Finally, put the pool on a flat ground and press it with a heavy object for 24 hours.


The above steps are also applicable to other inflatable products, such as inflatable sofa and chairs, inflatable multifunctional sofa and inflatable dolphin pool float.




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