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How To Choose A Paddle For Your Inflatable Kayak?

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You have considered how to choose the right inflatable kayak. Paddling is also an important equipment to purchase, and the decision to purchase the paddle is relatively easy to make.


If you want to rent an inflatable kayak, then you will not have much choice, because most of the paddles they give you can do the job. Once you decide to invest in your own inflatable boat, you can decide the choice of paddle based on your kayaking style plus the length of the paddle, the symmetry of the paddle, the materials used and the price.



1. Kayak’s Width

Inflatable floating kayaks are wide, much wider than hard-shells. This is the reason you need longer inflatable paddles. However, some inflatable kayaks are wider than others. As a rule of thumb, 85-90 inch paddles work best with kayaks less than 33 inches wide.



2. Your Height

The higher you are, the higher your hand will be out of the water. This is why tall people have to use short paddles to redouble their efforts. Short people don't like long paddles. This needs to be considered when choosing your personal inflatable kayak.



3. Paddle Length

It is recommended that you use a paddle that matches your height. people under 5'2" can use 220 cm long, 5'0" to 5'8" can use any paddle that does not exceed 230 cm, and more than 5'6" people can use a paddle up to 240 cm long.


As with other sports tools, such as baseball bats or ski poles, you may find you prefer a shorter paddle than what is recommended by standardized charts. It will also depend on your stroke style. Do you have an upright or high angle paddle stroke, or a relaxed, low angle sweeping stroke? Your best bet is to try a couple of lengths before you buy.


 83-2-inflatable boat

3. Paddle Shape

As the length increases, paddles vary in the style of the blade and the shaft. More advanced inflatable kayak paddles have curved shafts to make paddling more comfortable, but most people use straight shafts that are more economical. The shaft usually has a foam grip to add comfort to your hand.


Most kayak paddle blades are asymmetrical in shape, which provides a better paddling experience than symmetrical blades. The propeller shaft can be adjusted to suit different feather angles. In other words, the angle of the blades can be offset from each other by various plumes up to 45 degrees.


For best results, look for a spoon-shaped (curved) blade to get the best pulling force in the water. This design will not fatigue your arms and shoulders like a flat-edged blade.



4. Material and Price Factors

The last few items to check will be the quality of the materials used in the inflatable kayak paddle, which will be reflected in the price.


Inflatable kayak paddles and hard-shell kayak paddles are made of anodized aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, carbon and reinforced nylon, or are made of multiple materials. These will be heavier, but at a lower cost. The most expensive paddle is made of graphite composite material, weighs less than 8 ounces, and costs between $300 and $500. High-performance, ultra-light blades with curved shafts ranging in diameter from 6.5 to 7.25 inches will achieve perfect balance.


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