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How to Choose An Inflatable Sofa?

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For camping and outdoor gatherings, inflatable sofa with pump is indeed much more convenient than physical sofas. Because the inflatable sofa for camping, inflatable sofa for pool and inflatable sofa for beach are less bulky than physical sofas, and are relatively easy to carry and store.


The using principle of the inflatable sofa with built in pump is very simple, it has a specially designed inflation port, you only need a special air gun to inject gas into the sofa and you can use it. After the gas is injected, the check valve should be covered immediately, and the sofa can be vacuumed when storing, making the storage volume more compact. After flushing the gas, you must remember to hold the inflator into the safety body, which can protect the inflator port well. The electric inflatable sofa is more convenient to operate.


Different from the cumbersomeness of traditional furniture, the inflatable sofa is easy to carry, and can be placed casually outside the room. The novel inflatable sofa lazy bag and inflatable sofa with cup holders are very popular among trendy people. In addition to these significant advantages, the air leakage problem of inflatable sofas should also be noted.


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Principles of Choosing An Inflatable Sofa


When choosing an inflatable sofa, you should follow the principle of harmonizing the decoration style that the owner likes. We must consider the conditions of use such as comfort, convenience, flexibility and space saving, durability and easy maintenance.


1. Durable and easy to maintain. Durability includes two factors. One is the long-term use value, and the other is whether the appearance, color and gloss will fade for a long time.


2. Flexible and space saving. Flexibility means that the furniture has a variety of transforming uses, such as sitting and sleeping sofas and modular furniture, which can not only reduce the number of furniture, but also save living space. In addition, sofas in the form of folding, stacking or sets can also be used to make full use of the vertical space and reduce the occupied area of the flat expansion, so as to achieve the purpose of saving and making full use of space. Inflatable sofas are unique in shape, such as inflatable S shape sofa, big W inflatable sofa and L shaped inflatable sofa.


3. Comfort and convenience. Choosing inflatable products must be based on the correct scale, reasonable structure and excellent materials, and its shape must conform to different human functions in order to produce comfortable using experience. All chairs, desks, beds, dining tables and chairs and storage furniture related to human activities should conform to the use scale of the human body. This helps to save energy, relax emotions, eliminate fatigue, and improve health. At the same time, we must pay attention to visual factors such as shape and color to satisfy psychological comfort.


It is recommended that when buying an inflatable sofa, go to a brand store to buy it, where its quality is guaranteed. In addition, because inflatable sand has both advantages and disadvantages, it is necessary for us to read the instruction manual in detail before using it.



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