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How to Choose the Best Inflatable Boat?

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If we all had unlimited storage space and money, then having to choose the right inflatable boat among the myriad available inflatable boats wouldn’t pose a problem. But alas, few of us suffer from this “problem.” As such, most people are forced to choose just one inflatable boat that best meets their needs. Sometimes this choice might be easy. Other times, though—especially for people who do a range wide of water borne activities—the choice proves agonizingly painful. This article mainly introduces how to choose the best inflatable boat. There are 3 types of inflatable boats to choose from based on our use or application.



1. Recreational Inflatable Kayaks

Basically, these types of inflatable kayaks are meant for day uses on lakes, sheltered ocean bays and relatively sedate rivers (no pounding whitewater). Recreational inflatable kayaks aren’t meant for long, overnight journeys through remote areas. The lighter fabric isn’t designed for harsh use.


Instead, think of recreational kayaks as a boat you’d take out for a day paddling around a nearby lake or floating a nearby river. Or a boat you give your kids so they could go play out on a nearby lake.


Can these kayaks be taken on overnight trips? Yes and no. Good quality kayaks can, although I’d limit overnight uses to paddles across lakes or on very sedate rivers. Lesser quality recreational inflatable kayaks, on the other hand, should never be taken on overnights due to the high risk of irreparable punctures or seam tears happening.


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2. Pontoon Boats for Fly Fishing

An inflatable pontoon boat consists of two large air bladders connected together either by a metal frame or a curved air bladder (for frameless pontoon boats). The angler sits directly between the two air bladders. On metal-frame boats, the seat attaches to the frame. For frameless boats, the seat type varies. Some frameless pontoon boats use inflatable seats which are “built-in” to the boat. Other frameless pontoon boats use detachable seats.


Pontoon boats, moreover, have been designed specifically for fly fishing. As such, the boats often come with many features angler’s appreciate—from rod holders to the ability to easily attach various fishing accessories to the boat’s frame.



3. Inflatable Whitewater Rafts

A whitewater raft is an inflatable boat specifically designed for running rivers—especially rivers with strong, powerful Class IV or Class V rapids. Typically, inflatable whitewater rafts are very large—almost always being larger than 10 feet in length but with the most common lengths being between 12ft to 14ft. Whitewater rafts, unlike many other inflatable boats, are specifically designed for running powerful rapids. As such, these rafts are constructed from ultra-tough and strong fabric—often 2000 denier (which is super thick). The strength of the fabric, combined with the high air pressure used to inflate them, makes these boats very rigid and strong. These rafts can crash into rocks and other obstacles in the river at high speed and easily survive to tell the tale.


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