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How to Clean An Inflatable Mattress efficiently?

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There are three types of traditional mattresses: foam, padding and spring. However, these types of mattresses have an obvious shortcoming: they are not suitable for carrying and occupy large space. So is there a kind of mattress that not only has the functions of a traditional mattress, but also has a stylish appearance and is easy to store and carry? Yes! Inflatable sofa mattress is such a product that combines the above functions.


Whether you decide to camp, participate in water sports, or stay overnight for visitors, the air mattress can come in handy. It is understood that there are air mattresses with different functions on the market, such as inflatable sofa bed for camping, outdoor inflatable sofa bed and inflatable mattress sofa bed.


However, when the air mattress is covered with dirt, how do you efficiently clean the air mattress?


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Clean The Stains on The Air Mattress


In order to help you remove the stains on the air mattress more efficiently, you need to consider the following things.


If the inflatable sofa bed can be machine washed, it is best to put it in the washing machine along with a mild detergent according to the manufacturer's instructions. The same principle applies to inflatable sofa lounger and inflatable sofa pool.


Generally speaking, the material of mattresses is mainly divided into bed PVC, velvet, suede, vinyl, fabric or combination materials. The material of the mattress will determine the way how to clean it.


Different stains can be removed with different detergents. If you accidentally spill some beverages such as tea or coffee on an air mattress or inflatable sofa for garden, you should immediately use a towel or toilet paper to dry it with hard press, and then dry it with a hair dryer. When the air mattress is accidentally contaminated with dirt, it can be cleaned with soap and water. Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning agents for cleaning to avoid damage to the mattress on the air mattress. Use a dull knife or spatula to scrape off solid stains such as soil.


Determine the scope of the stain. If there is dirt, dust or mold on the inflatable sofa bed for camping, it is recommended to spray the mattress with soap and water or a solution of vinegar and water, use a sponge to remove debris, and then rinse it with plenty of water. It is worth noting that because the cleaning agent will change the fabric of the air mattress, please test the detergent at the seam first. If stains persist or remain, use a soft brush instead of sponge.


If the product manual indicates that the inflatable sofa mattress and inflatable mattress sofa bed can be put into the dryer, then you dont need to dry them on their sides.


For air mattresses without suede, the bottom and sides can be easily wiped clean with a cloth moistened with soapy water. If the suede is soiled, wash it thoroughly with soapy water and let it dry naturally.

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