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How to Clean Inflatable Water Slides?

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Inflatable water slides are always popular with kids at backyard birthday parties, fairs, carnivals, and other types of outdoor events. If you own an inflatable rental company, offering water slides can help you attract new customers.


Most inflatable toy water slides are constructed with lightweight vinyl that is designed to resist damage from water. However, the material still needs to be cleaned regularly. Since they get wet, water park inflatable water slides can become breeding grounds for mold and mildew, which will lead to illness.


Cleaning a large inflatable water slide is not as easy as many people think. Here are some instructions on how to clean your modern inflatable water slides so they will be safe and healthy for the children who use them at parties and events.


Things You Will Need


Garden hose

Vinyl cleaner

Soft sponge

Disinfectant spray


 40-1-inflatable water slides

Clean and Disinfect an Inflatable Water Slide

Start out by expanding the water slide to its full size. This will allow you to thoroughly clean all of the surfaces to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew. Put the water slide on a surface, such as a tarp, so it does not get dirty.


Spray the backyard inflatable water slide with a garden hose to remove any loose dirt. Then wash it with vinyl cleanser, if you have it. You can spray the cleanser on a soft sponge or pour it directly on the slide. If you don’t have vinyl cleanser, you can use a solution of mild dish soap and water.


Rub down all surfaces on the slide with a soft sponge. If there are areas that are stained or covered with mud and grime, you may need to use more vinyl cleanser or dish soap solution. Continue brushing until the areas are clean.


Rinse off the soap with a garden hose. Then leave the slide out in its expanded state so it can air dry. You can use a cloth to dry areas with layers and folds that may be slow to dry out on their own.


Once the slide has dried, spray it with an antiseptic. Apply it to all surfaces to kill any germs that are left.


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Dry the Inflatable Water Slide

It is crucial to let the water slide dry before you store it. Many parents I encountered lost their patience in waiting, so they merely store it while the water slide still has moisture or water drops. This negligence can create a serious problem down the road, as mold can be built up due to that. Although some could use an inflatable toy blower or fan to speed up the drying process, the natural wind and heat from sunlight should do the job.


For folding and other areas that can be more difficult to dry, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off the water drops. At this time, I would disconnect the water slide from the blower that feeds it with the flow of air.


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