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How to Drain an Above Ground Pool

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The above ground pool is a very good entertainment venue in summer, equip your children with inflatable lifebuoys and children inflatable vest, and put inflatable pool toys in it at the same time, you can enjoy a wonderful weekend with your children.


However, how to keep the pool clean is a problem. Sometimes, no matter how many chemicals you add, your above ground pool just won't come clean. When the algae is blooming so thick, you can't see the bottom of your above ground pool, it may be time to just drain and refill it. Draining an above ground pool can be done with a rented pump from your local hardware store, or it can be done with a few items found around the house.


Depending on the size of your pool, the draining process can take as little as an hour and as long as half a day while you wait for the water to empty. With that being said, preparing your above-ground swimming pool for draining is still pretty straightforward and can be broken down into a series of simple, easy to follow steps.


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Step 1: Plan Where The Water Will Go

Before you start emptying the water out of your pool, you'll need to take out the inflatable toy balls, inflatable toy animals, inflatable pool floats in it and figure out where to dump it. You'll need to check with your city to see if there are any special ordinances governing pool water disposal, especially if you're draining an entire pool: some cities require it to be dumped into the sewage system due to the chemicals.



Step 2: Pick Your Method

There are several methods you can use to drain your pool, but only two of those really make sense for an above-ground pool. These are using an electric pump or a traditional garden hose.


A submersible electric pump is designed to move water at a much faster rate compared to a garden hose, and it will also empty your pool almost entirely. The downside to this approach is that not only do you need to invest in an electric pool pump (which can be expensive), but you’ll also take a hit on your electricity bill, especially if you’re using a pump for the whole process. The smaller the pump, the lesser the hit. If you need to move the pool, replace the pool liner, or completely switch out the water with a fresh batch, then you’ll ultimately need to use a pump.


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Step 3: Remove the Remaining Water

This step is only for complete drainage when you need to replace your liner. There are many ways to do this, but the fastest is to suction it out with a pump or a wet/dry vac. If you simply can’t spare the expense, you can use buckets or other containers to remove as much as you can until it's empty enough to handle. Some water will probably get dumped in the process, so just make sure you let it dry out pretty well before putting in a new liner, so you can prevent bacteria and pool algae from forming under the surface.



Step 4: Dry Out Your Pool

The last step applies if you’re storing the pool away. In this case, drying is absolutely critical in order to prevent algae and other nasties from making a home in your pool. Not only does this lead to a health risk, but it also creates more work later when you have to fix the problem. As far as drying your pool, you have a choice to make. You can either use a wet/dry vacuum, or simply wait for it to air-dry by leaving the pool outside until it becomes dry. Be careful not to do this in extreme conditions as it can cause serious damage to your liner.


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