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How to Dry Your Inflatable Boats?

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What could be better than enjoying a sunny day in an inflatable boat in cool waters? Not everyone has the ability to enjoy and engage in such sports and hard work. It will be amazing to spend an adventurous time on your gleaming inflatable boat, but how to maintain it? If you want to continue using the inflatable kayak as you did for the first time, you must also keep it this way.


The biggest problem in keeping an inflatable floating boat is keeping it dry. Nowadays, expensive inflatable boats are not regular items that you can clean or dry at will. If you do not dry it properly, your inflatable product will be molded and will eventually become unusable. This article mainly introduces how to dry your inflatable boats.


1. How to Properly Dry an Inflatable Boat?

Let's talk about your priorities first. Clean technology will also depend on your time management. If you spend a leisurely day, then please leave the treasured inflatable boat to dry naturally in the bright sun. If your schedule is tight, let's start business. For this reason, you can keep up to two dry towels in the car and use them after boating.


The first thing you have to do is to empty all the seats and other things, and then begin to dry the outer surface. This step is very fast, because the inflatable kayaks and boats is very easy to dry, especially with a towel.


The next thing to do is to empty the floor and turn it upside down to remove the remaining water in the boat. After that, you can use a towel to absorb the excess water. When drying, you can use another towel to remove any particles remaining in the boat, such as sand and rocks.


You can now deflate the rest of the boat and dry it with a towel. If you feel that you are not ready yet, don't worry. If you have dried the boat well and thoroughly, it will not cause a problem.



2. Things You Need to Pay Attention to

It is important to remember how often you need to dry your favourable inflatable boat. If you are a very frequent boater, then don't worry that your drying skills are not so good. What you need to worry about is when you take the inflatable kayak out for a while and it does not dry properly. If you are not completely dry  it, then the boat is likely to get moldy. If you live in a humid place, be extra careful.


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3. How to Avoid Mildew After Long Storage

If you cannot avoid the mold problem, you may need to buy a new boat. In the winter, most of us have no energy to drag our boat out in the cold wind. This means that our boats will be stored in the warehouse for a long time, which means that mold may cause harm. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform a major cleaning of the boat before long-term storage.


In addition to the drying of inflatable boats, the drying of other inflatable products is also necessary, such as inflatable yard toys, inflatable sofa beds, so that you can improve their service life.



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