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How to Extend the Life of the Inflatable productsl?

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The inflatable swimming pool not only allows children to sit and have fun in the summer, but also allows family members to take a bath and have fun together. Compared with inflatable pools, inflatable swimming pools are more suitable for older children and families. It can be said that the inflatable swimming pool is a temporary folding portable swimming pool.

A lot of toys can be placed in the inflatable swimming pool to add children's fun, such as inflatable toy basketball, inflatable toy fish and inflatable ocean toys.


Inflatable swimming pools and inflatable sprinkler pools can bring unlimited fun, so how to prolong the life of blow up products?


Keep The Pool Clean

There are many ways to keep an inflatable swimming pool clean. Specifically, to keep the children’s pool covered, keep the water clear with chlorine, remove floating objects with a net, and use a vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool to eliminate the accumulation of dirt.


A small amount of chlorine tablets are very useful for fighting bacteria and algae in children's pools. Chlorine is a natural chemical element. It is one of our most effective elements to destroy and inactivate infections, viruses and other pathogenic bacteria. In addition, chlorine tablets can prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the pool. You can use small chlorine tablets for spa baths or plunge pools. Different specifications and quantities of chlorine tablets are used according to different pool areas. The chlorine float dispenser can hold one or two tablets and float them in the swimming pool when used.


blow up products

You need to use a filter daily to remove floating debris such as bugs, leaves and other dirt. This is one of the effective ways to ensure that the children’s pool water is kept clean. In addition, before the child steps into the swimming pool, you can let the child wash his feet or use a foot cleaner to remove the dirt under the feet.


It is also necessary to regularly clean up the debris at the bottom of the children's pool. The filter can remove most of the floating debris, but the debris at the bottom of the pool needs to be removed by other means, such as a mini pool vacuum cleaner. If you use a pool cover, it is recommended to use it once a week, otherwise, you need to use it more frequently.


The sun causes great damage to our skin, so it is very important to use sunscreen. Sunscreen will leave an oil film on top of the water surface. In the long run, you will see accumulation of this sunscreen on the side of the swimming pool. There are two ways to solve this problem. You can scrub it off when you drain the pool, or prevent accumulation in the first place. To prevent accumulation, it is recommended to use scum balls.


For the items in the inflatable pool, including inflatable tube chair, inflatable sofa for baby and inflatable pool float for baby, we must also do disinfection.


Drain the children’s pool and scrub it if necessary. To keep the children’s pool clean, you need to drain the pool and clean it thoroughly. After cleaning and drying, you can put it away. When you use it next time, you can easily inflate the pool with an inflatable tube blower fan or an inflatable tube air pump. This method is also suitable for inflatable double sofa bed.


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