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How to Inflate An Inflatable Sofa?

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The inflatable sofa has a well-designed internal ventilation slot. This design not only maintains the appearance and load-bearing capacity of the cushion, but also eliminates the heat and humidity problems caused by the poor air permeability of the traditional cushion or the upper and lower ventilation.


How to Inflate An Inflatable Sofa?


In short, the inflatable sofa with pump is very simple to inflate. It has a specially designed inflation port. You only need a special air gun to inject gas into the sofa. After the gas is injected, the check valve should be covered immediately, and the sofa can be vacuumed when storing. It is worth reminding that after the gas is flushed-be sure to remember to hold the inflator into the safety body, which can protect the inflator well.


Specifically, there are several ways to inflate blow-up furniture including inflatable sofas for garden, mattresses, toys and pools using pumps.


1. Inflatable Hand Pump


Inflatable hand pumps are aimed at various small and medium inflatable products with a wide range of goals, such as inflatable multifunctional sofa, inflatable tube chair and inflatable toy boat for pool, etc.


The air outlet of the inflatable hand pump is equipped with 3 different specifications of air nozzles, and the user can choose the air nozzle for inflation according to each different product.


When inflating, please place the product to be inflated on a relatively flat ground. Choose an air nozzle corresponding to this product to connect to the hand pump inflation tube, and insert it completely into the inflation port of the inflatable product, step on the pedal at the bottom of the air pump, and pull the inflator handle evenly to inflate.


The inflatable foot pump has the characteristics of being easy to carry and using foot instead of hand pressing. However, the amount of one-time inflation is small and it takes more time. The inflatable foot pump is mainly for small inflatable products such as small pools and so on.


7-2 blow up sofa

2. Electric and Battery-powered Pumps


It is very efficient to inflate air mattresses, sofas and chairs with an electric air pump. These gadgets also come with various nozzles. The pump is also very useful for inflatable tube balloon, inflatable pool float boat and other inflatable equipment.


3. Use Shop Vacuum


You can use the store vacuum to inflate an inflatable sofa with built in pump and air mattress. You can also use large-capacity electric pumps to inflate inflatable swimming pools and large inflatable pool floats. These are not expensive, and they are equipped with various nozzles for different inflatable equipment.


4. Use A Hair Dryer


It is recommended that you use a hair dryer in a cool environment. The hair dryer can quickly inflate your inflatable sofa and chairs. But it should be noted that its nozzle is not suitable for the plug of the inflatable device. Therefore, you need to keep everything in place while inflating.


5. Plastic Garbage Bags


The last tip on inflating inflatable furniture involves using plastic garbage bags. Compared with electric pumps or hand pumps, store vacuum cleaners or hair dryers, its inflation speed is obviously slower.


I hope the above several inflatable methods for inflatable sofas can give you some help. It is best to choose different inflatable pumps according to the size of the products you choose.

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