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How to Keep Kids Safe Around Water Without Instilling Fear?

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There is no parenting job I take more seriously than water safety. Regarding water safety tips, you might describe me as vigilant. I have good reasons to be hyper-vigilant.


Owen, my 3-year-old son, has loved water since he was born. If given the opportunity, he will play in the sink or play the inflatable sprinkler or spray the inflatable tube for hours (we often do this!). He likes the sea and swimming pool. In fact, I was worried that he would swallow more than the acceptable amount of water because of the smile on his face throughout the swim. In my opinion, all this is great, but he has no fear, not any.


In fact, his preschool teacher can be sure that he approaches most of his performances in this way. Fall off the climber-come back soon. Wipe on the sidewalk-nothing. My family and friends assured me that it is better to have a "brush it off attitude" than the opposite. I usually agree...unless water is involved. I hope he has only a little bit of fear, or rather, an understanding of danger. Therefore, I tried many methods to make him aware of the danger. In this article, I will introduce how to keep kids safe around water without instilling fear.


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1. Do Your Homework.

The first step to ensure your children are safe in the water is to understand their dangers. Then, once you have the facts, you will be ready to help him start learning how to make safe decisions in the water. You need to display this information in an age-appropriate manner and regularly reinforce key information to ensure that it can be retained. You also need to spend some time explaining the reasons behind important water safety rules, such as the fact that even if children can swim, adults always need their supervision when they are at the water's edge. After all, children who understand the rules will be more motivated to follow them.



2. Resist the Temptation to Resort to Intimidation Tactics.

You want to keep your child safe, not fear the water. For a child who is born with anxiety, the line between awareness and anxiety can indeed be very good. Of course, if you tend to feel anxious and fearful about water, you need to spend some time coping with your own fear so that you can help your child have confidence in their safe decision making.



3. Model the Behavior You Want to See.

Children pay little attention to what we do as we say, so for example, if you want your child to wear a children inflatable vest every time they get on a boat, you need to be prepared to wear a life jacket yourself.


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4. Remind Yourself That Being Prepared Does Not Eliminate the Need for Adult Supervision.

Teaching children about water safety and enrolling them in swimming courses is not enough to ensure their safety. You must also provide adequate supervision. This means that whenever your child is in the water, you should stand by your child's side (no more than arm distance) and fully concentrate on his activities (for example, not being distracted by your mobile phone). This is the most important thing to ensure the safety of children around the water. Studies have shown that insufficient adult supervision is responsible for 75% of drowning deaths among children under the age of 10.


While cultivating children's water safety awareness, let them enjoy the fun of water. Give them some inflatable pool toys, such as inflatable water slides, inflatable pool toy kingdom, inflatable pool animal floats, etc.


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