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How to Make Children’s Birthday Party Super Fun with Inflatables?

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For children, one of the most important dates in their lives is birthdays. As parents, we hope that our children’s birthday party will be different and exciting not only for the whole family, but also for your children’s visitors. But sometimes, we run out of new entertainment ideas. Without outstanding entertainers, children's gatherings are nothing. We have found some of the best children’s entertainment for parents to attend birthday parties, but the children can’t get enough of.


Inflatable toy slides bring party fun. Children of all ages like bounce houses. From the beginning of your party to the departure of the last guest, the inflatable toy set can provide you and your guests with great fun. This article mainly introduces how to make children’s birthday party super fun with inflatable toys.



1. Inflatable Slides

If your garden is free, renting inflatable equipment will keep the kids active and entertained, because it is fun and safe for them. Some modern inflatable toys comes with a motor and hose accessories, which can be fixed to a garden hose. Another option is to put a bubble bath in the water so that everyone feels foam and bubbles for hours. At this time, we should remind other parents to bring swimsuits and towels to the party.



2. Bounce House

Inflatable devices that can be used for children's parties come in various shapes, sizes and forms. Bounce House is one of the inflatable devices suitable for children of all ages. Children will spend time bouncing, jumping high and landing in various positions. As a precaution, our parents must ensure that the children at the party do not bring toys into the house, as this may be dangerous for them and other children when they bounce. Also, it is important that we inform other parents that there will be a hopscotch so that they can dress their children appropriately.


 68-3-funny inflatable toys

3. Atomic Drop and Slide

Atomic drop and slide is a huge lottery card, because it can bring a lot of fun in the party. It enables children to climb to the top and quickly slide down to the inflatable landing area. This is also an excellent and interesting idea for older children.



4. Jumping Castle

Renting funny inflatable toys such as jumping castles, and children will always enjoy playing the game. The range of options for jumping castles includes hut jumping castle, knight jumping castle or Disney princess combination castle. The little girl has always liked the Disney princess combination.



5. Kiddie-pillar

Kids from 3 to 10 years old can enjoy Kiddie Pillar. This long-lasting inflatable toy is colorful and hung with obstacles, bringing "fun" to a whole new level. Children can also climb and slide to make them feel adventurous. The transparent panel allows parents to easily watch internal events.


Rent creative inflatable toys like this so that children aged ten to fifteen have the opportunity to attend parties. Parents can also choose to have staff assist them in taking care of their children.


Make the most of your child’s birthday and discuss with us the type of party you want to attend. Our service aims to provide best inflatable party toys and an unforgettable memory for your child and you. 


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