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How to Manage Inflatables During the Winter?

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Inflatable toys are a great way to have some serious fun on the water. These are outdoor inflatable products, so some normal wear is expected. But if you take proper care of them and stay on top of any repairs, they’ll last you a long time. Especially, seasonal maintenance and storage of your waterfront inflatables will help you avoid unnecessary repairs and significantly extend the life of your investment. This article mainly introduces how to manage inflatable pool toys during the winter.



1. Cleaning Introductions

1) Remove inflatable swimming pool toys from the water and place on a clean surface, such as a tarp or clean plastic sheet. Make sure the area underneath is free of sticks, rocks or any sharp objects

2) Using a hose and soft brush or cloth, wash inflatable toy animals with soapy water and sufficient elbow grease to remove dirt, sand and other small particles.

3) This is the perfect time to check for any damaged areas or leaks that need repair. Small bubbles will accumulate on the surface where air is leaking through. Use colored chalk or a grease pencil to mark areas that need repair or patching.

4) Check all valves to ensure they are clean and free of any debris or foreign objects

5) Rinse the funny inflatable toys with fresh water and allow to air dry completely

6) Apply 303 Protectant to restore and maintain a like-new appearance. It will repel soiling and staining of the vinyl and keep it supple. We recommend applying 303 Protectant prior to winter storage. Apply 303 Protectant to all sides of the inflatables and allow to air dry completely before storage.

7) We also recommend applying 303 Protectant at least once per month during the season or as needed depending on use and water clarity. Apply to all sides and allow to air dry completely

8) Apply AQUSOL to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection against viruses, bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew. Apply to all sides and allow to air dry prior to storage to keep your inflatables mold and mildew free over the winter.


Tips: For stubborn stains, try using a citrus hand cleaner with pumice. It might take a lot of hard work to do so, but it’s effective and it doesn’t contain any harmful and harsh chemicals.


 34-3-inflatable swimming pool toys

2. Storage Introductions

When the seasons change and it’s time to put your summer inflatable toys into storage, find an indoor location, such as a garage, to protect it from extreme conditions.


1) Deflate the product, preferably using reverse mode of an electric pump or shop vacuum, ensuring that all air is removed.

2) Fold the clean inflatable toys into the desired storage width (usually in thirds) and roll it up.

3) Wrap the inflatable ocean toys in the original carrying bag or a protective cover, such as a tarp and secure tightly with rope or straps.

4) Store the product out of direct sunlight and protected from the environment in a clean, dry place. It is best to store it inside a container with moth balls to prevent rodent damage

5) Never store in a damp location directly on concrete.

6) Never store at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) or in an area with broad temperature fluctuations.

7) If this is unavoidable, store in an area where inflatables will not be moved until the time of installation.


Take the time now to properly prepare your inflatables for winter and ensure a trouble-free opening day.



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