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How to Select Perfect Inflatable For Your Party?

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From birthday parties to corporate events, a bounce house or other inflatable devices can take the party to the next level. While many people believe that only kids enjoy bounce houses and inflatable toys, adults also have the time of their lives with these funny inflatable products. From bouncing around with your friends to sliding down fun slides, these inflatables make memories that can last a lifetime. But while there are many inflatables that can bring excitement to any event, it's difficult to choose the right one. With so many options and price points to consider, the whole process can be daunting. This article mainly introduces how to select perfect inflatable for your party.



1. Event Size

It is important that you rent a large enough inflatable device (or multiple inflatable devices) to accommodate the guests properly. Safety should be the first priority. Usually, the bounce house does have a recommended maximum number of people.



2. Guest Age

Some of the bounce houses have many functions and obstacles, and may not be suitable for young audiences. Go to a simple bounce house, such as the inflatable trampoline for children 12 years and younger. For older children, the 70-foot obstacle course makes the experience more exciting.


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3. Event Theme

Most of the exciting inflatable equipment are multifunctional and can be used in any type of activity, but if you are looking for a specific theme, you can choose the following types of theme inflatable devices:

• Inflatable haunted house

• Inflatable pirate boat

• Disney Princess inflatable bouncer



4. Required Function

If you are looking for a traditional bounce house without the sound of bells, there are many good choices. For those who are looking for something more exciting, they can choose inflatable obstacle courses, inflatable tracks, bounce houses with climbing walls, and of course, in those hot summer days, inflatable water slides.


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5. Space

The cost of renting actually depends on how much space you need to use. The inflatable rental area ranges from 15 feet to 130 feet. If space is limited, we recommend using the smallest inflatable device.



6. Weather

Speaking of suffocating heat, make sure that the inside of the inflatable device you rent is not too hot. The enclosed bounce house with many walls may be too suffocating for children. We recommend that you choose something with a higher degree of ventilation or one of the water inflatable devices to calm down the children.


If you expect a lot of wind, we do urge you to be cautious. Of course, in windy weather, heavier and stronger inflatables will be better.



6. Inflatable Types

The inflatable rental is not limited to bounce houses. Ask yourself, do the guests want to jump off, or are they interested in some kind of competitive game? The inflatable human hamster ball is always very popular.


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