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How to Set Up Halloween Inflatables?

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You have your Halloween wreath, you found some pretty Halloween lights, and you've decked out your door. Now it's time to finish up your festive outdoor scene with a fun Halloween inflatable toy.


The inflatable toys often self-inflate and contain lights for a pretty nighttime glow. Halloween inflatable toys are some of the easiest decorations that you can add to your home. Most of the garden inflatable toys come with everything you need to secure them safely to the ground, and they weigh almost nothing, so you can set them up and take them down with ease.



1. How Do the Outdoor Inflatable Yard Decorations Work?

Yard inflatable toys, or holiday inflatable toys, and decorations are what you can use to help celebrate holidays around your home. While these inflatable toy animals are typically used as outdoor decorations, you can also use them indoors for parties and other events.


Yard inflatable toys typically consist of two main components. An inflatable toy blower to keep the decoration inflated, and the lightweight fabric that expands to make the shape of the decoration. The air blower plugs into a standard wall outlet.


Inflatable Halloween decorations come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These decorations are made to weather the rain. To prolong the service life of your inflatable decoration, utilize special handling during inclement weather.


 88-3-yard inflatable toys

2. Check Your Local Community Restrictions and Prepare Your Yard

Before planning a great Halloween or Christmas decoration, you need to check the community restrictions on outdoor inflatable devices. For example, certain community laws may restrict the outdoor inflatable displays, or the number, size, sound of blowers, distance from sidewalks or roads, and dates when inflatable objects are allowed to be placed.


After understanding the community guidelines, you should also check whether there is a suitable space in the yard. You need to clean a flat and safe surface. For example, pruning the nearby bushes, shrubs and trees to prevent the unique inflatable toy from being damaged by any sharp branches or thorns. The open space of the yard determines how many inflatable decorations and the number of inflatable toys you can set outside the house.


 88-2-Halloween inflatable toy

3. How to Set Up Yard Inflatable Toys

Setting up a yard inflatable toy is very simple once you know the basics. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to help get you started.


- Locate the inflating fan and extend any legs attached.

- Set the fan down facing the ground, and spread out the rest of the inflatable toy.

- If your inflatable toy has a zipper, zip it down all the way to close any holes to the inflatable toy.

- Plug in your inflatable blower to a power outlet to start the inflation process.

- Once fully inflated, use your ground stakes and tethers to tightly secure the inflatable toy to the ground or other solid object.



4. Storage

Dry your inflatable decoration completely before storing during the off seasons. This prevents mildew growth on the material and keeps it fresh for next year's use. In the event of light mildew, clean the material with a damp cloth and mild detergent. When packing your inflatable decoration for storage, refer to any storage or handling instructions provided by the manufacturer to get the maximum life out of your festive decoration.


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