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How to Throw the Perfect Pool Party?

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Swimming is one of the activities that makes summer more fun and interesting. Whether on the beach, in the local swimming pool or in the backyard, this is a pastime that both children and adults like. People of all ages put on swimsuits and soak in cool water to refresh themselves and benefit from swimming. If there is anything better than swimming by the sea or in a local swimming pool, it is to organize a pool party where everyone can relax and have a good time. There is nothing like inviting some friends over, grabbing some cool drinks and hanging out by the pool to listen to good music. However, like any gathering, holding a pool party requires some planning and preparation.



1. Pool Decorations

Why not try to join the "Undersea/Beach" theme party with inflatable toy sharks and mermaids? Inflatable toys are great because they can be entertaining! Decorate the rest of the party with blue crepe paper to make it look like waves, and sprinkle shells on the surface. Why not give each child (and adult!) a wreath and let them enter the party spirit!


For a mature party, you can sprinkle some floating flowers on the swimming pool to cool yourself, and sprinkle bright lanterns on the terrace. To bring the pool party to the evening, try to put the glow stick in a balloon, then blow it up and float in the pool for a truly beautiful and effective look. Keep the blanket cool on your shoulders, and your party will last all night!



2. Entertainment and Games

Inflatable water slide, inflatable water balloons and inflatable toy water guns will make children happy for hours. Just make sure everyone has enough toys to avoid losing their temper or crying. You can find a lot of pool party game ideas online, but one of my favorite games is "Shark in the water!", which is basically like the water version of "tags, that's it!". This works best in larger pools, but this is a classic game that kids have always liked. Or, why not try some water sports, such as water polo or volleyball?


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3. Snacks and Drinks

Consider smaller snacks that everyone can eat. Keep paper towels or beach towels near the food station so that guests can dry their hands before diving into the snack pile. Go for veggie sticks, mini crescent dogs, chips and dip, frozen fruit pop or anything that doesn’t necessarily require a fork and a knife. Grilled food that is easy to grab is also among the pool party food favourite. Consider covering your snacks with food nets. This will help keep the bugs at bay.


To prevent your beverage from becoming weakened with water once the ice melts, make ice cubes out of the same type of juice that you will be serving. To help keep track of your beverages, you can colour code your drink cups or use a marker to write the name of guests. Consider using plastic dishware near the pool to avoid having broken glass in that area.


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