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How to Use Swimming Pool Safely?

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In the hot summer, lying on the inflatable sofa on water and inflatable pool float boat in the swimming pool to enjoy the sun is a relaxing thing. But while doing that please remember to take some steps in hot weather to guarantee your safety.


You must protect your own safety during any pool adventure.


Many people inflate the inflatable products when they first get them, which is incorrect. When using inflatable swimming pools, especially family-style inflatable swimming pools, you should first disinfect the whole product to avoid any cross contamination.


Nowadays, a more advanced disinfection method has emerged, that is, ozone disinfection. The disinfection process is mainly completed by ozone lamps and ultraviolet lamps installed on the swimming pool wall. It does not produce chemicals. While killing bacteria in the water, it will also improve the sensory degree of the water body, which is the general trend of swimming pool engineering design in the future.


Ways to Increase Swimming Pool Safety


Build a fence with automatic switch function. Always close the gate and always restrict access. The house should not lead directly to the pool area.


Install a lockable cover for the small backyard swimming pool or inflatable hot tub for sale. When it is not in use, tidy up the small portable or children's pool in time, and remove the ladder or steps of the above-ground pool.


When children play in the pool, they must first bring inflatable pool ring floats, and they must be accompanied by adults. The inflatable pool float for adults and inflatable pool float chair with canopy can be prepared in the swimming pool.


Establish emergency procedures, including emergency signals, safety equipment and first aid kits.


Do not use alcohol or drugs in or around the swimming pool.


10-2 inflatable toy

There are many recreational activities by the pool, including water sports and games, such as inflatable whale sprinkler and inflatable toy boat for pool. Although there are lots of inflatable life jackets beside the swimming pool, real-time adult supervision is essential for children. Never leave them unattended, even for a second.


In addition, it is also very useful for your child to attend swimming lessons.


If you must leave the pool area, please take your children with you to avoid any accident.


If it is for a small inflatable swimming pool for household use, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following points.


1. Pay attention to the use environment. If it is used in a low temperature environment, it is recommended to put it indoors for more than 10 hours before using it to avoid hardening of the material caused by low temperature and damage caused by external force.


2. Regular replenishment. Any inflatable product will leak naturally. This is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended to stop replenishing after a period of time.


3. Prevent exposure to the sun. The inflatable swimming pool is not a water storage product. It is strictly forbidden to expose it to the sun for a long time after being filled with water to avoid deformation of the pool body. It is recommended to release the air when it is not in use, and put it away in a ventilated place.


4. If you are allergic to PVC materials, you should stay away from blowup products made of PVC. Infants and young children should use them under the supervision of adults.


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