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How to keep the inflatable pool clean and tidy?

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As a daily water storage tool, inflatable pools are quite popular among children in summer. So what should we do to keep the inflatable pool clean?


Patients suffering from skin diseases such as gonorrhea, tinea pedis, folliculitis and other diseases should not swim in the pool to prevent the spread of germs, and at the same time prevent germs from others from worsening their own diseases.


When using large inflatable swimming pools and inflatable sprinkler pools, be careful not to expose them to direct sunlight to avoid deformation of the inflatable swimming pool due to sun exposure. We must choose the place where the inflatable swimming pool is used.


Some inflatable pools put sand and some toys, adults can relive the fun of childhood, and children can experience the fun of playing with sand. But for this situation, it is very important to pay attention to the cleaning of the inflatable swimming pool.


An easy way to keep the pool water clean is to use a hand-held net to filter through the filter to remove floating debris such as bugs, leaves and other dirt. For the debris at the bottom of the pool, it is recommended to empty the pool water for cleaning.

In addition, toys on inflatable swimming pools should be cleaned and disinfected in time, such as inflatable toy air mattress, inflatable giraffe toy and inflatable life vest toy.


How can children be cleaned and disinfected if they defecate or vomit on the swimming pool or water slide?


Even if your child is wearing a diaper, follow these steps:


Get the child out of the water. Put on disposable gloves. Remove stool or vomit as much as possible and dispose of it safely. Pour or drain all water. Clean and disinfect the surface of the pool or water slide. Do the same for anything vomit in the water. Clean the surface with soap and water. Rinse off soapy water with fresh water. Let the surface dry completely. Use a bleach solution to disinfect dry surfaces. Dilute ½ cup of household bleach (5.25%-8.25%) in 1 gallon of room temperature water. Apply the bleach solution to all surfaces.


inflatable bed on water

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for how long the bleach solution should stay on the surface. If there are no instructions, place the bleach solution on the surface for 6 minutes. Rinse with fresh water. Let the surface dry completely. If the stools have diarrhea, after they are completely dry, place the pool or water slide and objects in the sun for at least 4 hours. Take off the gloves and put them in a plastic garbage bag along with all dirty cleaning materials. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


Finally, after using the inflatable swimming pool, it is generally necessary to drain the water inside. Deflate the product, then fold it up and place it in a ventilated place. Don't leave it in a state of being inflated with water in.


How to clean the inflatable swimming pool if it is moldy after being left for a long time? First, use a soft brush or rag to remove the mold on the surface. Then, soak it in warm water of about 50 degrees, about 5 minutes. Take it out and spray evenly on the surface of the inflatable swimming pool with an appropriate amount of multifunctional anti-mildew and antibacterial agent. Wait for it to dry, and then rinse it twice with clean water to prevent the residual mildew and antibacterial agent from accidentally irritating sensitive skin. After that, it can be used after drying in the sun. This principle also applies to inflatable double sofa bed, inflatable pool float with canopy and inflatable toys for swimming pool.


After the inflatable swimming pool is cleaned, it must be completely dried before storage. When storing, it should be placed in a dry, ventilated place, so as to prevent mold from growing again. This principle applies to inflatable pool float with shade, inflatable pool float chair and inflatable pool float hammock.


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