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Inflatable Boat Safety Tips(2)

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One of the most common questions I often hear is whether the floating boat is safe in various waters. Well, the inflatable boat is very suitable for fishermen and boaters with its reasonable price and many other amazing features. But when it comes to security, many people are completely unaware of this. This article mainly introduces inflatable floating boat safety tips.



1. Pre-launch Inspection

It is important to check the vessel for potential problems before entering water. Commercial inflatable boats usually remain inflated at all times, so if there is a crack or hole somewhere in the material, you may know immediately. However, a slow leak can be sneaky, which is a good habit to make the boat walk and listen and look for any cause of concern.



2. Always Carry and Don’t Drag

This is more appropriate for shipowners with smaller inflatable boats, as it might be tempting to drag a vessel to the shore from a truck or across a beach. The hull of an inflatable boat is made to take some hits, but there is no reason to do that on purpose. Carry the vessel with a friend and set in the water.



3. Know Your Cruising Plan

Spontaneous is fun, but the safest sailing plan is the actual planned plan. Familiarity with landmarks and pre-programming of the route in the navigation system can ensure that you will not cross the destination or put the inflatable kayaks in danger.


 79-1-inflatable floating boat

4. Maximum Capacity

A boat full of friends and family may be one of the reasons why buyers should own a boat in the first place. The problem is that getting everyone on board creates a dangerous situation. Stick to the recommended number of people on the boat, and consider not increasing the number too much. The captain is ultimately responsible to everyone on board, so please keep this responsibility in mind.



5. Items Collected and Kept on Board

Fast travel around the small lake is unlikely to require a large list of "gears", but hopefully this suggested list will give boat owners the opportunity to consider whether they need to be used on the boat.


Paddles: For smaller inflatable floating boats, this may be more of the case, but if the engine fails, paddles are always a good choice.


Repair kits: Most inflatable manufacturers will provide their own repair kits, or include kits for buying boats. In a rare event, if the plenum is damaged, the kit should be placed on the boat.


This is a good list of other miscellaneous items:


Personal flotation device for everyone on board

Signal equipment, such as mirrors, whistles or horns

Fire extinguishing equipment

Paper charts, not only relying on electronic products

A small "most used tools" box

Flashlight and first aid kit



6. Leaving and Landing

When you leave the journey and return from it, keep in mind some best practices:


Walk slowly when you leave the dock or land. Please always be prepared for a safe exit or entrance, and don’t let other boatmen distract you.


Think about the current situation. If you are boating in an ocean port, you need to consider the effects of tides before landing or leaving the dock. Depending on whether the water is falling or rising, the current in front of the dock will vary. Check the tide chart to figure out the current situation in advance.


Consider the wind. When leaving the dock, not only consider its direction and strength, but also the direction of the wind when returning. It is best to use the wind, if the wind is not too strong, let it gently push you into the dock.


Don't worry about your wonderful inflatable boat: One of the advantages of our wonderful high-quality inflatable boat is its inflatable wall panels. If you happen to enter the dock faster than expected and make a little adjustment, the inflatable side will act as a natural cushion, which means you will not repair the fiberglass as you would on a hard-hull boat.


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