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Inflatable Games List for Kids and Adults

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Inflatable carnival games are becoming more and more popular among children and adults. They are also used for team building, product promotion, and outdoor activities to make activities fun. This article mainly introduces the inflatable games for kids and adults.


1. Zorb Ball

Zorb ball, also known as hamster ball, humanoid ball, the player enters the ball and then moves his head to see who arrives at the destination first, usually on an inflatable track.



2. Inflatable Obstacle

Obstacle course is a challenge game, which include things such as swimming through hoops, pushing a ball through the water, swimming underwater, retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool, etc. The inflatable obstacle is composed of different inflatable trampolines, such as climbing walls, inflatable water slides, mazes, pitchers, tunnels, etc.



3. Inflatable Pool Floats

The right inflatable pool floats can increase the fun and relaxation of having a pool! WONDERFUL has a large number of floating pool floats, including pool floats and lounges, fun inflatable toys for children or adults, inflatable pool float chair, inflatable baby pool float and air pumps. We also provide a variety of fun swimming pool toys and games, which are fun for everyone. Find everything you need to make swimming more fun and relaxing!

 71-1-inflatable pool floats

4. Inflatable Water Toys

Due to the warm weather, it is undeniable that your children will want to be outside. When the weather is really hot, they will want to get wet to help them cool off from the hot summer sun. You can pack all the kids (and possibly their friends) and head to the pool, lake or beach. But what about when you want to be around the house? Your children can get wet directly in their backyard in many ways, and they will like it just like going to the swimming pool. Backyard inflatable water toys, from inflatable water slides to backyard swimming pools to inflatable sprinklers, can be enjoyed by children.



5. Inflatable Poker Table

This floating pool table makes all card games possible. It is very suitable for adults.



6. Inflatable Fighter

How to play? The two players stand opposite each other on the inflatable cushions and then fight with clubs in their hands to see who will be knocked down first, and the winner is the last.



7. Foot Dart

It is also known as football darts, players kick Vicro football to the foot darts, there will be a corresponding score on the dart board, you kick out the stadium, you will get the score. The player with the highest score is the winner.


There are still many other inflatable games, such as inflatable basketball hoop, inflatable meltdown, inflatable hungry hippo, inflatable golf darts, inflatable football goal, inflatable archery, etc.


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