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Inflatable Pool Floats Buying Guides

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As we all know, the inflatable water float is a kind of accessory toy that is loved by the majority of players in the mobile water park. Whether it is playing in the sea, river water, or in the artificially developed water play area, it is favored by consumers. For the current era, if you just play in different waters, it will be too monotonous and boring, and there is no fun at all. How to attract tourists, and more importantly, how to make money? After adding inflatable toy floats, the effect is significantly different.


We often see in the market that the floating inflatable floats in mobile water parks have various appearances and can be made into any shape. Some are the most popular cartoon images, some are the images of small animals, and some are made of various types of different object shapes. In this way, when people are playing and entertaining, they can completely swim in the water with the help of the buoyancy of the water float, and they can also participate in sharing with their companions.


This article mainly introduces how to choose inflatable pool floats.


 48-2-magical inflatable water floats

1. The Characteristics of Inflatable Pool Floats

Although the magical inflatable water floats are small in size, they are "movable" when floating on the water. They can drive the "fun" of the entire water park. It is like the finishing touch of a painting. It plays an important role in the water park and inspires children.


1) It is all made of PVC, special fabric with PVC mesh, which has strong air tightness and abrasion resistance.

2) It adopts an integrated air valve for inlet and outlet, which is easy to use, safe and reliable.

3) The hull is all made with high-frequency heat technology.

4) The color fastness of the material is high, and the color of the cloth is as long as new.



2. Different Designs of Inflatable Pool Floats

1) Floating Lounge

This type of inflatable water buoy can be used for single people or more people. Most of your body is above the water surface, so you can keep your body dry as needed. This is like a floating island. You or your family can sit or lie down or stay in any position. You can even read a book or play with your mobile phone in the water through this floating inflatable pool float.


2) Floating Hammock

This type of inflatable water cart is not like the inflatable cart in the lounge. When you lie on the float, you will remain suspended in the water, most of your body will be below the water surface, and your head will remain above the water surface. This is a great swimming pool float that allows you to semi-dive without worrying about being in the right position, which is not great for tanning, but very pleasant.


 48-3-swimming pool float

3. Other Floating Inflatable Equipment

In addition to ordinary floating mattresses, you can also find many interesting shapes of inflatable swimming pool floats for you to enjoy the swimming pool. For example, giant inflatable ducks, flamingos or unicorns, rocking chairs, teacup spinners, etc. This type of inflatables is very attractive for both children and adults.


Inflatable floats are usually cheap, and you should know where to use them before you buy them. If your swimming pool is not big enough, the float in the inflatable pool should not be too big. After use, the inflatable pool float should also be properly maintained for the next day. If you want to buy high-quality inflatable floats for multiple seasons, it is best to choose commercial-grade floats. 


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