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Inflatable Pool Shapes Introduction

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Summer is the season of water. For many families, they cannot afford an underground swimming pool, so an inflatable swimming pool will be their best choice. Inflatable swimming pools have many advantages over permanent swimming pools. They are portable, inexpensive and have various designs. Since we believe that pool shape is an important aspect of inflatable pool design, it is necessary to describe the advantages and disadvantages of various common pool shapes so that users can choose the most suitable inflatable pool according to their space and preferences.


In the inflatable swimming pool market, the usual shapes include square, rectangle, circle, oval and polygon.


 24-2-suitable inflatable pool

1. Square Inflatable Pool

In many backyards and water parks, square inflatable pools are very common. Due to the similarity in length and width, they look very regular and clean in appearance. The square design of portable inflatable swimming pools allows them to provide a larger swimming space in all directions, and can be used in limited and broad spaces. The large square swimming pool will be more spectacular, especially in the large water park.


Since the length of the square inflatable pool is equal to the width, the air chambers on both sides are almost the same, and the structural strength is very even. It is easy to inflate and deflate and clean, so the operating cost is relatively low.



2. Rectangular Inflatable Pool

The rectangle is basically the most popular shape in swimming pools. Many underground swimming pools and above-ground swimming pools are designed to be rectangular. Since this design can increase the swimming distance in the length direction, it is recommended to be used in swimming competitions and other water sports. It is similar to the square inflatable swimming pool, but it is longer and narrower, so the rectangular inflatable swimming pool is more suitable for long and narrow special spaces. In addition, the right angles of square and rectangular inflatable pools can be customized to smaller rounded corners to make the pool more elegant and rounded.


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3. Oval Inflatable Pool

The oval design is a combination of rectangle and circle inflatable pools. The oval inflatable pool is the most beautiful of all designs. In addition to the space requirements of the oval inflatable pool, people also choose its elegant appeal and aesthetic value. However, due to uneven pressure distribution on the wall, it is more difficult to manufacture and install the oval inflatable pool, so the cost may be higher than the above two designs.



4. Round Inflatable Pool

If you are looking for an inflatable swimming pool for adults, you will choose a rectangle. However, if you choose an inflatable pool for children, a round pool is ideal. Compared with commercial use, round inflatable pools are more common in homes. Circles are the favorite shapes for children because they are small and do not require a long swimming distance. They can sit down and play with inflatable water toys, such as inflatable pool floats, inflatable lifebuoy toy, inflatable pool duck toys, etc. As we all know, in the case of the same side length, a circle can provide the largest area. Another unique feature of round inflatable pools is that they bear similar pressure on the pool wall, thus ensuring structural strength.



5. Polygonal Inflatable Pool

Common polygonal inflatable pools include hexagons, octagons, dodecagons and irregular shapes. It's basically a customized product. According to your special space or preference, you can customize inflatable pools of any shape and size, even if the two pools are connected by a corner. This type of design is mainly recommended for special situations where space is limited due to buildings, fences, vegetation and even power lines. The advantage is that it can be of any shape, but the disadvantage is that it requires more materials and increases cost.


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