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Inflatable Toys Aren’t a Substitute for Supervision

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Many people think that lying on the inflatable pool float by the swimming pool is a picture of relaxation. Both children and adults may lose the entire afternoon and drift aimlessly on the comfortable water. However, regarding safety, the dangers of inflatable toys are not often discussed.


The use of inflatable water toys will bring many unexpected safety hazards. we need to know the risks of protecting ourselves and our children in the water. This article mainly introduces how to ensure the safety of children when they use inflatable pool toys.



1. The Dangers of Inflatable Water Toys

1) Inflatables Aren't Meant for the Ocean

One of the most critical things to remember about inflatable swimming pool toys is that they are not part of the beach. Common inflatable water toys are made for the pool, or similar areas closed off from other bodies of water.


In the ocean, inflatable devices can fly with the wind, bringing unsuspecting passengers into deeper waters. Neither children nor adults may notice until it is too late. The further you are pulled, the greater the risk you face. This is especially true for children or adults who are not strong swimmers. In more severe waters, even strong swimmers may not be able to swim back to shore.


Bringing inflatable floats out of the ocean can have tragic consequences. Even if you accompany your child on an inflatable device, the wind may blow anytime and anywhere, and you may be trapped.


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2) Inflatable Products Cannot Replace Life Jackets

Because they float, some people may think that inflatable floating toys are safe for children who can't swim, just like life jackets. But inflation just makes life jackets more necessary. Children who cannot swim can easily fall off inflatable toys. Even under the supervision of children, the occurrence of tragedy only takes a moment to distract, because children can easily fall into the air. When the victim is missing for only five minutes or less, 77% of drowning incidents occur.


When placing children on floating inflatable water toys, always make sure that they are supervised and they are also wearing appropriate floating equipment.


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2. Warning: Use Aquatic Toys Only Under Supervision

1) Cannot Replace Supervision

No flotation device can replace the supervisory device. Regardless of swimming safety equipment, water conditions can become dangerous in the blink of an eye. Regardless of the size of the water body, always make sure that your children are under constant adult supervision, which means watching them and keeping them within reach, not just looking up from time to time.


2) Check Weather and Water Conditions

Before the water comes out, please check the weather forecast. If a storm is expected, save the beach on a sunny day. When on the beach, please pay attention to the tide or wind changes.


The rapid currents claimed more lives in Australia than bushfires, hurricanes, sharks and floods. Familiar with how to recognize and survive ripping currents.


3) Don't Wait

Don't expect people on the shore to see you. If you are having trouble using inflatable equipment in the ocean, get out as soon as possible after you are sure that you can swim back from the shore to the depth or distance. Then raised your arm and call for help.No matter how much money you spend on inflatable equipment, it is not worth your life. Please get off as soon as possible. But the best way to avoid these dangerous situations is to leave all novel inflatable toys and water toys at home.


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