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Is The Inflatable Pool Safe?

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There are many benefits for babies to swim regularly. During swimming babies can stretch their bodies in the water, which promotes the development of various sense organs such as touch, hearing, and sensation, and increase lung capacity. Some people also bought a baby inflatable swimming pool. The safety of inflatable swimming pools is worth discussing.


Is The Inflatable Swimming Pool Safe?


It is relatively safe. When inflating for the first time, the amount of inflation should not exceed 80%, because the zipper and seam in the air chamber need a buffering process. Then it is best to start using it 12 hours after inflating.


Within 24 hours of the first inflation, inflatable tube for pool and inflatable tube pump can be inflated again to achieve our desired effect. But be careful not to overfill with the electric inflatable toy. It is normal for blow up subjects to leak.


Pay attention to the level of the ground and be careful not to leave any excessively sharp objects on the ground. When cleaning the baby swimming pool, soapy water is enough. Do not use hair dryers or washing machines, and do not use chemicals or any other abrasive powder.


And there must be at least 1.2 meters high fence around the swimming pool. All gates in the fence must be locked with their own switches. In addition, a non-climbable area of at least 900mm must be observed outside the pool fence. There must not be any large objects in this area.


Drainage Method of Inflatable Pool


Generally, there are two main drainage methods for inflatable pools.


1. Drain the bottom. The bottom drain can be opened directly, or an external drain pipe can be used for drainage. This method is suitable for outdoor venues.


2. Side drain. Use an external drain pipe and open the side drain valve to drain water. This method is suitable for indoors or places that require a clear drainage area.


If the inflatable pool adopts a double drainage design, two drainage ports can be used for drainage at the same time, and drainage will be more convenient and faster. Some inflatable sofa for water sports and inflatable pool float beds are also designed with double drainage.

14-2 blow up boat

Features of Baby Inflatable Swimming Pool


1. Inflatable swimming pools are generally made of ordinary pvc materials. The materials are cheaper and the production cost is lower, so the selling price of the product is also relatively cheap.


2. The printing process is relatively easy, so the appearance of the general inflatable baby swimming pool is more attractive.


3. After each use of the baby swimming pool, you need to deflate and clean it. Generally, it cannot be completely exhausted, so it is inconvenient to put it away.


4. The inflatable swimming pool occupies a large space, but the space inside is small. The space needed by the family is also a hassle.


5. The material used in the inflatable swimming pool is relatively thin, so be careful when using it. If you are not careful, it will be easily damaged.


The inflatable pool can also be equipped with inflatable donut pool float, inflatable pool float tray, inflatable toy ball or children's hand boat.


When children are playing on the water, it is best to wear professional childrens inflatable vest and inflatable pool float for baby, because safety is paramount.


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