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Is the Inflatable Boat Safe?

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An inflatable boat is a boat mostly made of rubber and filled with air. It can be compressed without inflation. Driven by motor or manpower. It can be used for recreational games and water rescue and other purposes, and it is also used by the marines of various countries.


Inflatable floating boats have been widely used in tourism, rafting, sports competitions, military surveying and expeditions, fishing, hunting, and the completion of various water engineering operations, flood prevention and rescue and sea life-saving, etc. The application of floating inflatable boats is expanding year by year. In some cases, its application is also compulsory. The international convention for the protection of the lives of people at sea stipulates that all ships at sea must be equipped with inflatable lifeboats that are ready to use. The facts show that the performance of the high-quality inflatable boat is reliable.



The Performance and Advantages of Inflatable Products

1. Use imported special inflatable boat fabric 0.9T1000D/PVC or 1.2mm PVC, which has good air tightness, abrasion resistance and long service life.


2. Imported air valve is adopted, which is convenient, safe and reliable.


3. All the bonding parts are bonded by imported glue. The peel strength, high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and UV resistance are much better than domestic glue. Even under the sun, the inflatable boat connection parts are fully secured.


4. Imported materials have high color fastness, the color of the cloth surface is as long as new, and the imported special wear-resistant two-color fender makes the hull durable. The hull airbags of the hook-up inflatable boat are processed by adhesive and high-frequency heat-sealing technology, with good airtightness, high strength, durability, and good quality. The speed is 40-60 km/h. It can be kept for at least one week after inflation.


 82-2-treasured inflatable boat

Basic Component Structure Characteristics

An inflatable boat is an inflatable product. The hull is made of airtight elastic material and consists of a floating chamber that forms the boat's side. The boat's side and the bottom of the boat can be connected to a certain shape after inflation. The boat's side, bottom, seat, inflation and deflation valves, oars, oar frames, pumps and other unit components with compartments are the inherent general structure of all commercial inflatable boats.


1. Folding Boat's Side

It is usually composed of a cylindrical air chamber. The most commonly used is the single-air chamber side. Multi-chamber boat sides are not used much. The multi-layer arrangement of air chambers can improve the reliability and safety of the inflatable boat, increase the area of the stern plate or increase the waterline. In order to prevent splashing or flooding in the boat, the bow and sometimes the stern of the treasured inflatable boat should be slightly lifted upwards. Usually, it is also protected by an impervious cover.


2. Folding Partition

Usually, the gas chamber is divided into several sealed compartments of similar volume with elastic partitions, each of which is equipped with inflatable device partitions, most of which are vertical. Cone plates, circular plates, and spherical plates are the most common ones in inflatable boats, but the pressure loss of circular partitions is the smallest.


3. Folding Bottom

The bottom of the boat is made of strong low-elongation tape. The bottom of almost all paddle-type inflatable boats is made of elastic materials. It is easy to deform under the gravity of the occupants, bend downwards, change the hydrodynamic properties of the boat, and be very inconvenient to use for a long time. For this reason, two young boards are placed on the bottom of the boat to distribute the weight of the crew evenly on the bottom of the boat, ensuring the rigidity of the bottom of the boat.


4. Folding Boat Seat

There are two commonly used ones, inflatable seat and fixed seat. The inflatable seat can be flexible (removable) or fixed. The fixed seat is assembled on the shipboard and inflated at the same time as the shipboard. This seat is used for lifeboats or special ships.


5. Folding Oar Frame

The oar frame of an inflatable boat is often close to the inner plane of the boat moon city and is composed of an elastic base and a supporting element. The base can ensure that the stroke load of the boater is evenly distributed on the side surface, and the oar rod is placed on the upper part of the supporting element. When the paddle is not in use, it can be placed between the two hook rafters fixed on the supporting element.


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