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Is water amusement park affected by corona-virus outbreak?

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With the corona-virus outbreak endangering the whole world, many places have been close for the safety of customers. However, some places like Disney World and water amusement parks are reopening even the case of corona-virus is still rising across the country.


Popular summer events and attractions are also rebooting operations during phase four of the state’s reopening plan. However, with caution, and many changes.


On Monday, both Hurricane Harbor in Gurnee and Rockford will reopen. Guests are going to be asked to make reservations in advance and wear masks when they aren’t in the water or on a water ride. The water parks will also have temperature checks on every customer, and will exert mobile-ordered dining and distribute hand sanitizer throughout the park.


“A comprehensive safety plan with consultations from epidemiologists has been made,” said Hank Salemi, the park president of Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor in Rockford. Nevertheless, the risks of catching the virus still exist.


A lot of enterprises are close due to the pandemic and some are on the verge of bankruptcy. However, the pandemic has also created many opportunities for some companies engaged in making masks, disinfectants and toilet paper.








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