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Make RV Travel Better with Inflatable Boats

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Camping in an RV, push-back trailer or camper will allow you to explore extensively. However, for leisure boaters who just want to explore the water and expand the scope of recreational opportunities, inflatable boats are an ideal choice. You can conveniently store your inflatable kayaks for lakes and rivers, or you can carry large rafts for whitewater. You can also combine small motors with boats worthy of rivers or lakes, while still maintaining the portability and compactness of all equipment.


However, the boat you take along ultimately depends on your preferences and intended use. Before jumping into an ideal inflatable boat, consider your intended use, budget, and available research brands and options.



1. Price and Construction are Relative

Usually, quality comes at a price, this is no different from a commercial inflatable boat. Always be cautious, especially for new brands that offer products at ridiculously low prices. If anything, most of them are counterfeit companies that will sell you products that will not last long. Generally, although hypalon material is heavier than PVC, it is more durable and more comfortable to patch.



2. Paddle Boards and Packrafts

Inflatable packing rafts and paddle boards are the lightest options for inflatable boats. Inflatable paddle boats are ideal for lakes and calm waters. They pack things in a very narrow space, and experienced oarsmen can use them to run on the river. The narrow paddle board can be used for experienced flat-water paddlers, and river board models for white water and waves and stability models for general purposes.


High-quality inflatable pack rafts are significant in terms of convenience and space saving. The pack raft is designed to be stored in a backpack for easy carrying. Rafts weighing less than 5 pounds can be used in rivers and lakes, especially floating on mountain lakes after tired hikes.


 76-3-inflatable paddle boats

3. Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes

Compared with pack rafts, inflatable canoes or kayaks have more advantages in terms of choice and stability. Inflatable ducky style kayaks are also very suitable for use in whitewater, and they are equally good in ordinary lakes. These single-person kayaks weigh less than 40 pounds and have a durable design that can be easily placed in large waters. You can also choose a lake model with a narrow bottom, a two-person kayak, and a cone-specific model that behaves similarly to the hardware model. These inflatable devices form a solid shell that can be played and tracked like a hard boat.



4. Running a Motor

Are you convinced that the electric motor cannot be operated without towing the trailer? This is not impossible. The inflatable boat is designed with a hard floor and an inflatable tailboard to stabilize and track the boat on plane. The length of the boat is about 10 to 12 feet, and the outboard length is 9.9 or 15 horses, which makes it very portable and can open the water.


Hard floors and rubber floors are packed into easy-to-manage packages, which can fit well in standard-sized suspended cargo ships. Moving the motor is more complicated, but you can store it in the original box and build a 2 x 4 rack and place it upright outside or inside the rig. The 9.9 horsepower electric motor is light enough to be carried by a moderately strong person.



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