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New Design Water Slide Thick colorful horse Slip Slide Mat Inflatable Spray Water Toy for Kids Outdoor Game

1. Excellent Hydraulic Coverage: The shower mode sprinkler system runs along the length of the slide, provides excellent hydraulic coverage, and can be easily connected to the water pipe. 2. Thick and Heavy PVC: Made of super thick and heavy PVC, the waterslide is more than double the thickness of most lawn slides on the market. 3. Embossed Deisgn: Made of embossed PVC, without adding soap, you can directly open the faucet to keep the slider and the water on the slider. 4. Impact Reduction: Length 442*83.5CM. The water slide can reduce the impact on the ground when sliding, making the sliding more smooth. 5. for Parent-child Activities: The water slide is suitable for parent-child activities of the whole family in hot summe. You can invite someone to play with water slides.
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 Inflatable new water slide


WEIGHT 0.5kg
PACKING: Color Box
CASE: 25*20*10cm
MOQ: 3000pcs

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Our products is designed for both children and adults!

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inflatable bed

inflatable toy

inflatable bed

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To what extent should I inflate the inflatable products?

Inflate the product to 80% full, leaving a certain space for expansion and contraction. If there is no obvious sag when using, it means the amount of filling is appropriate. Do not overinflate the product, especially in summer. If the product bulges and cracks inside and is beyond reparation due to overinflation, it is not within the scope of after-sales warranty.
Why inflatable products have pungent smell?

Combined with safety, environmentally protection and toxic-free characters, our products are made of high quality raw materials. It is normal for inflatable prodcuts to have a little smell; usually, the smell will gradually disappear after two or three days. so if you can't stand the smell, you can place the prodcuts in ventilated place for one or two days.
Why the product I received is smaller than the size claimed?

Due to the particularity of the aerated product material, inflatable product has certain ductility. The error is around 3-8 cm.
How to maintain inflatable products?

Inflable products is not designed for machine wash. Avoid contact with sharp objects during use. When used in winter, inflatable products should be softened in warm water before use.



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