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Pay Attention to The Air Pressure of Your Inflatable Boats

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Nothing seems as relaxing as floating along in your inflatable boat on a huge expanse of endless ocean water, far from shore, no distractions, nothing but you, your favourable inflatable boat, and the wonder of the ocean life beneath you. Sounds great, right? Well, maybe. Staying safe while boating on any body of water requires taking some safety precautions. This article mainly introduces how to keep the suitable air pressure of your great inflatable boats to to make you safe.


The air pressure of all common inflatable boats will change according to the weather. In very hot weather, the air pressure of your inflatable boats will increase and in very cold weather or in heavy rain, your inflatable boats will lose air pressure. Knowing how to work with the changes in air pressure will make sure your inflatable boat performs well and lasts for a long time.



1. Weather Change

Even in the morning, the weather can change a lot, which may affect the pressure of your treasured inflatable boats. For example, you may start on a cold morning, but after a few hours, the sun is shining and the temperature rises significantly. In this example, it is wise to leave a little room for the air, because as the weather gets warmer, your boat will become hard. If there is no room for air to expand, some air needs to be released. If some air is not allowed to escape, over-pressurization can cause major problems.



2. When to Adjust the Air Pressure of Your Boat?

Knowing when to adjust your air pressure is vital to keeping your inflatable boat at top performance. Here are some tips on when to adjust the pressure in your inflatable tubes based on changes in weather.


If you pump up your boat in the morning hours when the temperature is still cooler, you should account for the rising daytime temperatures. You can do one of two things to compensate. Either pump the boat to the lower range of the recommended PSI band and let the warmer temperature increase the PSI of your boat. Or my preferred method, let a bit of air out of our tubes as needed during the day.


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3. Cold Weather Paddling

If you are paddling in the winter time when the air and water are extremely cold, then you just need to be aware of the pressure of your boat. Remember you will lose air pressure in cold weather. Therefore, after you have paddled for a several hours, you will likely need to check your air pressure and possibly add more air.



4. Consequences of Air Pressure Change

When the air pressure of your inflatable kayak changes, it can cause some significant consequences.


For example, if you are kayaking in very hot weather and the air begins to expand in your kayak, it will become over-pressurized, which will cause major stress on the seams. Then if you happen to hit a sharp object with enough force, you may puncture the material and run the risk of one of your tubes exploding. In cold weather, when the air pressure decreases, you basically just run the risk of paddling a very sluggish boat. It will perform far better if you stay aware of the air pressure and add more air if needed.


In addition to inflatable boats, you should also pay attention to the air pressure of other inflatable products, such as backyard inflatable toys, inflatable swimming pool toys, inflatable toy plane, etc.




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