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Preparing Your Inflatable Boat for Winter

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In many areas of the country, you’ll want to winterize a boat before freezing temperatures set in. Deciding on an option for inflatable boat storage is only the first step in preparing your pride and joy for its winter slumber. Even if you use your modern inflatable boat all winter long—a practice we most certainly endorse—there are some systems and items aboard that need some extra attention.



1. Keep Your Boat Clean, Waxed and Painted if Necessary

Now that your boat’s out of the water, you can get a full view of it, and take care of the lower unit and other parts that were inaccessible (or that you didn’t feel like accessing) during the warmer months. A clean boat will weather the winter months much better than a dirty or moisture filled boat.


Wash the the entire hull and running gear. Blast off barnacles and other growth on your shafts, props, rudders, struts and everything else on the lower unit. Clean the topsides, deck and lower unit with soap and water. Wax the deck. Check for blisters on the hull, and if needed, wax or sand and paint it at this time.



2. Check the Fuel System

Winter prep is an ideal time to check the fuel system for corrosion or leaks. Replace the fuel filter and inspect vent fittings, then vent hose and clamps. If any of these parts show deterioration or warping, it's time to replace them. For a fuel system with leaks, have a mechanic repair and double-check the system to eliminate this issue before your next boating trip.

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3. Take Care of Your Battery During These Cold Winter Months

If you leave your battery connected throughout the winter, you run the risk of draining it to the point of no return. Rather, disconnected the battery and charge it completely. Before plugging it in, clean all of the terminals and lubricate them for the best results. You can also do this with the cable ends for the best results. Make sure that your battery is somewhere with a controlled climate, so that it continues to work again in the spring. When you periodically check on your mini inflatable boat throughout the winter, include your battery and run a test to make sure it’s still working. If needed, give it another charge.



4. Grease Moving Parts

When parts are made to move, they can easily dry out and rust without motion. In order to avoid any problems when you re-start your inflatable fishing boat next season, take some time to grease your steering and control mechanisms. Do this by placing a small amount of lubricant on the hinges, latches, linkages, and the propeller. After you’ve greased all of the moving parts, make sure they’re in their original location and position, so no added stress is placed on them throughout the winter.



5. Flush the Cooling System

Use fresh, clean water to flush the boat's cooling system. This helps remove any corrosion or salt residue from the intake of lake water or seawater into the cooling system during regular use.


Inflatable equipment, including inflatable boats and other inflatable toys, inflatable tubes, need to be cleaned, air-dried and stored in winter to better extend the service life of inflatable products.


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