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Setting Up Lawn Inflatables for the Holiday

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With the advent of modern plastics and electronics, lawn ornaments now include not just cement, metal, stone and clay decorative planters, pots and statues, but also items made from lightweight plastics. This article mainly introduces how to decorate the lawn with inflatable products.



1. Check for Restrictions

Before planning an inflatable display stand, check community restrictions on holiday yard decoration. Some homeowners’ associations or community regulations may limit the number or size of inflatable decorations, or may prohibit inflatable devices altogether. Other restrictions may require a certain distance from the sidewalk or driveway to place larger decorations, or the sound of the inflatable blower motor or musical accompaniment may also be restricted. Some communities may also restrict the dates of seasonal decorations, not allowing them to be placed too early or too long after the holidays. By knowing the community guidelines, you can plan an interesting and enjoyable display without causing tension or risking fines or condemnation.


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2. Prepare Your Venue

Inflatable toy decorations will be the safest decoration to display on a flat surface. In the southern region, you may want to mow the lawn very short to ensure that the fan motor is not blocked. In the northern region, you must ensure that there are no hidden obstacles under the fallen leaves or snow. Pruning nearby bushes, shrubs, and trees can remove any sharp branches or thorns that might damage the inflatable toys, and pruning can also help ensure that the display is easier to view from convenient windows, sidewalks, and roads. Check the outdoor sockets to make sure they are working properly and can be used safely in the weather of this season, regardless of whether you encounter snow, ice, wind and rain when displaying the inflatable toy animals.



3. Plan a Show

Although a single inflatable device can make a strong proof for holiday courtyard decoration, if you have space to accommodate multiple decorations, you may need to create an entire inflatable scene.


Check if you have enough outlets and outdoor extension cords to power multiple inflatable devices without overloading the circuit or congesting the outlets. Consider the fully expanded size of each decoration, and ensure that there is extra space around each decoration, which can be moved and swayed in windy days without collision or friction.


Make sure that each funny inflatable toy can be safely staked and tethered without interfering with adjacent parts, otherwise, if a problem occurs, the entire display may be in danger.


Consider the theme of related inflatable devices, and place and position them in a way that creates a cohesive, coordinated appearance, rather than mixing irrelevant decorations.


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4. Set Up Lawn Inflatable Toys

It only takes a few minutes to set up a lawn inflatable toy, and in practice, you will have no difficulty in bringing your monitor to life every holiday. Read all instructions for proper setup and use, and carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure correct inflation operation.



It is important to check all lawn inflatable decorations regularly throughout the season to ensure that the tethers and anchors are not loose, and that they do not stick into sharp objects or get injured by branches or debris that may cause damage. This is especially important after a storm or windy day, because the anchor may loosen and the inflatables may shift slightly. It is best to avoid inflating the decorations during storms, and not to inflate for more than a few hours each time to avoid burning the blower motor.



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