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The Difference Between Lifebuoy Ring and Swimming Ring

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Whether it is swimming indoors or swimming at sea, for non-swimmers, an inflatable swimming ring is a must for water playing. But in the event of an accident, can the swimming ring guarantee our safety? In fact, there is an essential difference between an inflatable toy swimming ring and a lifebuoy ring, and the former can never replace the latter.



1. Different Definitions and Uses

The lifebuoy is defined as a water-saving equipment for water rescue. The swimming ring is defined as a water toy, used to assist learning to swim.



2. Different Materials and Implementation Standards

The lifebuoy is usually made of polystyrene, wrapped with fiberglass cloth, coated with three layers of phenolic resin, then covered with canvas and painted with several layers of paint, and equipped with nylon rope and reflective tape. The general quality is greater than 1.5KG, and its implementation standard is GB4302-2008 (click here to learn about GB4302-2008 lifebuoy).


The common inflatable swimming ring is generally made of plastic and is shaped by an inflatable filling method. The general quality of its implementation standard is "Inflatable Water Toy Safety Technical Requirements" QB1557-1992.


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3. Different Weight Standards

The weight of the lifebuoy ring should be greater than 2.5KG, and the lifebuoy equipped with a spontaneous smoke signal and a quick throw device attached to a self-illuminating floating light should be greater than 4KG.


As a water toy swimming ring, its weight is less than 0.5KG. Compared with a real lifebuoy, such a "toy" swimming ring is too light to throw accurately. It is easy to break and leak, with poor pressure resistance, and easy to burst. The plastic surface is wet and slippery and difficult to grasp. Experts said that the swimming ring can only play a certain auxiliary or protective role in water recreational sports, but if it is brought into the sea, it is dangerous.


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4. Precautions for Using Swimming Rings

In accordance with the relevant regulations of "Safety Technical Requirements for Inflatable Water Toys", toy inflatable swimming rings sold in the market must be marked with safety prompts such as "non-life-saving equipment, which must be used by children under adult supervision" in a prominent position.


When parents buy or rent swimming rings for their children, they must pay attention to the signs and never buy "three nos" products. At the same time, pay attention to request and save the invoice when purchasing.


The swimming pool coach also pointed out that in order to avoid accidents, all inflatable swimming rings should not be over-inflated or filled with high-pressure gas. Do not come into contact with sharp objects during carrying or charging.


Do not use it in deep seas or rapids. If you leave it for too long, you will lose your breath slowly after swimming, so be sure to inflate at any time.


When in the pool or simply playing a water game, you can choose to use inflatable toy type of swimming ring. When you go to the beach, it is not recommended carrying swimming ring, it is best to carry a lifebuoy.


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