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The Top 5 Keys to Successful Waterpark Planning

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Spending a day at the local water park has become a popular pastime for families across the globe. Water parks are making a splash. Amusement park owners and entrepreneurs are incorporating water parks into their businesses to increase profitability and consumer satisfaction. Included in the water park industry are amusement parks that offer water play areas, such as splash pads, inflatable water slides, lazy rivers, water playgrounds and other swimming activities. Water parks can be located outdoors, indoors or both.


If you’re interested in starting or expanding a water park or own an amusement park area, you probably have questions about how to build a water park, what a water park investment would cost and how you can make this new business profitable. This article mainly introduces the top 5 keys to successful water park planning.



1. Establish a Budget

Now, when planning the next park renewal, cost is more important than ever. Some companies provides upfront fixed cost pricing in all our design/build projects. This means you are confident that you know exactly how much your project will cost. There are no hidden fees.Their creative vision and in-depth understanding of aquatic engineering applications enable them to create plans and designs that fit your budget, and make full use of its own $$-save development costs, and use the excess money for rides or other purposes.



2. Choose a Theme for Your Water Park

First, an overall theme for the design and water park equipment you choose isn’t a necessity. But a theme adds another dimension to your guests’ experience. It can also set your park apart from the competition.

In addition to choosing inflatable water toys and equipment to match your theme, you can use other elements in the park to extend the theme, including signage and wall decor.


 32-1-inflatable water slides

3. Water Park Planning Design

From choosing the suitable inflatable water toys to designing a layout that considers the movement of your guests throughout the park, without good planning and design, your water park might never reach its potential.



4. Proper Installation

Having the proper water park equipment is essential. You can choose the funny inflatable water toys, including inflatable sprinkler beach ball, inflatable pool float chair, inflatable toy gun, inflatable pool toy kingdom, etc. The value and quality of water park equipment can impact the success of your business. For quality equipment, what characteristics should you look for?


Strong and durable: Your equipment will be in a lot of use, so it needs to be up to the task. High-quality equipment that is durable will also mean less maintenance, repairs and replacement, which will save you money.

Safe: Water park equipment should be designed to minimize injuries to keep all visitors safe.

Professional installation: Find a manufacturer that is qualified to install water park equipment.


 31-1-water park equipment

5. Plan for the Future

Even with successful water park theme, planning, design and installation, you’re not done. You must consider the ongoing maintenance and support of your water park equipment and systems to maximize their life cycles, minimize operating costs and further protect the safety and enjoyment of your guests.





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