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Ultimate Inflatable Boat Maintenance Guide(1)

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In the past few years, the popularity and demand for inflatable boats has increased dramatically. New production methods, stronger materials and updated models are the main reasons for the popularity of modern inflatable boats. Due to the increased use of these inflatable products, it is necessary to understand their basic maintenance. This article mainly introduces ultimate inflatable boat maintenance guide.



1. What is the Life Span of an Inflatable Boat?

On average, the life span of a high-quality inflatable boat is 10-15 years. Depending on various factors and the use of the floating inflatable boat, the service life may be extended or shortened. The life of the boat, the materials used, the materials stored, the amount of ultraviolet radiation, and the manufacturing method are some of the factors that determine the service life of the treasured inflatable boat.


Under normal circumstances, Hypalon inflatable boats last longer than PVC inflatable boats. However, due to lack of maintenance and proper maintenance, inflatable boats are most vulnerable to damage.


 86-3-floating inflatable boat

3. How to Clean the Inflatable Boat?

The inflatable kayak must be cleaned after each use. If it is not cleaned, dust and dirt tend to deposit on the surface of the fabric or rubber, which can make the boat look dirty. Flushing the boat after each use is the most important part of cleaning the inflatable boat. Fresh water should be used for flushing inside the boat.


After washing the boat with water, make sure that the water does not stay on the surface of the inflatable kayaks and boats. Therefore, the boat should be turned upside down to drain the water. Then, it should be wiped dry with a towel. The area between the floor and the side pipe is prone to water accumulation, so it must be strictly dry.


The drying process is the most important process, because if the boat is stored without removing the water from the surface of the boat, the boat will easily become moldy.


It is recommended not to leave the boat in the sun for a long time. The heat of the sun can easily damage the fabric of the boat. Therefore, UV protection agents should be sprayed on the boat regularly. If there is discoloration or dirt on the surface of the boat, it should be cleaned with inflatable boat cleaning fluid, sponge and brush, water and hose sprayer. The stains should be scrubbed with a sponge until they fall off.



3. How to Store the Inflatable Boat?

For storage, your gleaming inflatable boat should be kept away from water to keep it in good condition. Putting it on water exposes it to algae, and bacteria, which can cause it to degrade.


The inflatable boat can be conveniently stored in a small space. However, the boat should be thoroughly cleaned before storage. The place where the boat is stored should be away from pests and rodents. The boat should be wrapped with an extra plastic cover to ensure safety.


Roll up the boat and store it in a place where it will not be affected by extreme climate changes, because too much heat and humidity will negatively affect the adhesive on the boat.



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