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What Are The Precautions When Buying Inflatable Sprinkler Toys?

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Water inflatable toys are made of PVC film through high-frequency welding. After being inflated, they will show a variety of shapes, mostly cartoons and animals. Children like these toys of peculiar animal shapes, such as inflatable flamingo sprinkler, inflatable whale sprinkler and inflatable dinosaur sprinkler target. They are common children's water amusement equipment in water parks. What should we pay attention to when buying inflatable sprinkler toys? The precautions for purchasing water inflatable toys are shared below.


Choosing a water inflatable toy must first meet the children's interest in terms of shape. For younger people, you can choose water inflatable equipment with bright colors, larger color blocks and sleek shapes, such as colorful balls, ducklings, goldfish, etc. The selection of these animals should note the color and cuteness of their eyes. For children of older age, you should choose some lifelike animals, or even some fierce animals, so that children can develop a brave spirit from an early age.


A toy gun pistol or submachine gun that can be filled with water inside. It mainly uses water as a bullet and is a safer toy that boys like. This is mainly divided into manual compression and automatic decompression. Manual compression is more powerful and suitable for children over 9 years old, and automatic decompression is less powerful and suitable for children over 4 years old.



Hot weather is best for children’s playing. Some special sprayers for children with unique shapes, such as inflatable garden sprinkler and inflatable sprinkler unicorn, have the function of raising childishness to a higher level. Unlike the inflatable sprinkler pool, you don't have to spend too much time storing water for these inflatable sprinkler balls.


Some game sprinklers have a ring around the edge. When the hose flows, the ring will fill up, spraying water into the sky. This shallow basin allows your child to splash his own water, kicking while walking.


Sprinklers have various sizes. Some are smaller and can only accommodate a few children. If your child has a lot of friends to play with, it is recommended that you buy giant inflatable elephant sprinklers or huge inflatable sprinklers on the premise that before starting the game, you need to prepare suitable raincoats for these children and make sure your splash guard is large enough.


For young children, the height of the sprinkler is not the main consideration. But if your child is tall and old enough to protect himself or herself, you can prepare toys with more powerful currents. Ideally, the height of the water column is higher than the child's head. The distance of the sprinkler spraying water should also be observed before purchase.


For existing inflatable products, in actual use, they generally have the defects of relatively single function and poor interest. So it is recommended that you should not buy inflatable water toys that are too cheap.




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