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What Are the Classifications of Inflatable Toys?

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Inflatable toys refer to toys that use the tensile force of a film material and the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the film to form a shape. The deflated volume is small, easy to carry and collect. The materials are divided into PE film inflatable toys, PVC film inflatable toys, TPU, EVA environmentally friendly materials inflatable products, laminated mesh and Oxford cloth inflatable toys, rubber glued inflatable products, vinyl inflatable animals, etc.



Classifications of Inflatable Toys

In terms of function, there are large advertising models, large inflatable toys, leisure furniture series, small inflatable cartoon toys, promotional inflatable gifts, small advertising simulation inflatable models, life-saving appliances, water amusement toys, inflatable pools, transparent water rollers, etc.


Large inflatable toys: These toys are large in size, mainly at the entrance of large supermarkets, parks or shopping malls, such as: naughty castles, entertainment cities, inflatable castles, inflatable jumping beds, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable water slides, inflatable arches, large inflatable advertising models .


Cartoon inflatable toys: This kind of inflatable toys have a cartoon image, product shape, and appearance image. They are good children's inflatable toys and advertising models.


54-2-water amusement toys

Small inflatable toys: These inflatable toys are small in size, diverse in appearance, colorful and interesting, and are loved by children, such as inflatable animal toys, swimming rings, inflatable dolls, etc.


Leisure inflatable houses: Use high-strength environmentally friendly PVC materials, inflatable mattresses, inflatable sofas, portable inflatable beds in the wild, indoor inflatable swimming pools, etc.


Water inflatable toys: This type of inflatable toys are mainly suitable for water, such as rolling balls, yo-yos, swimming rings, inflatable boats, water walking balls, transparent water rollers, and zorb balls in the park. They are the best water inflatable toys for recreation in summer.


Water toys are soft, elastic and safe. Large inflatable toys are novel, exciting and interesting. Small inflatable toys are the best choice for children.


54-1-inflatable toys

Due to the development of society and economy, inflatable toys also need to keep pace with the times, so inflatable toys always launch new cartoon toys.


It is the various characteristics of inflatable toys that more people accept and cannot do without it. In addition, the development of outdoor large-scale toys in recent years has driven the development of large-scale inflatable toys to a certain extent. At the same time, the rapid development of the technology of forming the outer layer of inflatable toys and the wide use of PVC materials are also effectively promoting the development of the toy industry. Therefore, inflatable toys have maintained a good development speed in recent years.


In addition to manufacturing inflatable toys, the concept of inflatable toys can also be used in outdoor sports and travel products, such as inflatable sofas, inflatable pillows, inflatable beds, inflatable mattresses and so on. Cartoon-shaped inflatable sofas are quite popular with children.


Inflatable beds are not only suitable for home life. They can be used for office work overtime, workers who often move, student dormitories, saunas, shops, etc, bringing great convenience to everyone .


The inflatable bed makes use of the feature that air is permeable, so that the human body and the bed are 100% consistent during sleep, and all parts of the human body are evenly stressed, thereby overcoming the blood circulation obstacles caused by the traditional bed due to uneven force. It is also known as a health bed. An air-filled bed is much more convenient. Normally, it can be stored flexibly for spare use. Once inflated, it becomes a high-quality bed. It can be used as a guest bed and temporarily opened.


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